11-23-2014 Things I Once Hated!   Leave a comment


Four years ago in a galaxy far far away on my first blog I posted a list of 100 Things I Hate.  At the time I challenged myself to compile that list in under ten minutes to make it as spontaneous as possible. I completed it easily and was really proud of my accomplishment.  It was a fun exercise that I found interesting and one I want to revisit today.

I’ll be addressing the first ten items from that list and fully intend to cover the remaining ninety over the next month.  "An unexamined life is not worth living." or so I’ve been told over and over again.  That being said there are certain inevitabilities in life such as the much overused "death and taxes" but there are many others that are just as important.  "Change" effects us all in a myriad of ways and many times we aren’t even aware that it’s happening. I hope this silly little exercise will give me a better understanding of the many changes that are taking place within me and the effect it has on my endless supply of opinions on just about everything.  Here we go.


#1 STUPID PEOPLE – Unfortunately this one hasn’t changed much at all.  Although now I recognize and admit that a large percentage of these people are harmless-stupid which makes them more annoying than anything else. The remainder are bad-stupid and remain on my hate list.  It appears I’m not hating on this as much as I once did and I see a 50% Improvement.

#2 ROSIE O’DONNELL – No change here. No improvement whatsoever. She sucks.

#3 UNIBROW WOMEN – I’ve always had the ability to identify one or two things about any woman I’ve become involved with or thought about getting involved with. I consider them all lovely and fun to be with in their own right. I’m again forced to reconsider this item because I’m sure there are some women out there with unibrows that I’d like to spend a little time with.  50% Improvement.

#4 BUMS – This term along with the term hobo is no longer politically correct and I promise to slap myself on the wrist really hard each and every time I use them.  Again I find myself hating those aggressive and arrogant homeless people who insist on getting in my face and wanting my money.  Some of these others who are mentally challenged are just pitiful but because of all the politically-correct thinking in this country they’ve been dumped onto the streets. 50% Improvement.

#5 DIRTY FINGERNAILS – No change here and no improvement.

#6 CRIMINALS – No change here either. No improvement.

#7 CANADIANS – I’ve moved this item into the annoyance category.  Canadians are are just a mild form of a parasite that continually criticizes it’s host but continues to enjoy the benefits it provides. 100% Improvement.

#8 ROCK STACKERS – Once again, more an annoyance than anything else. It’s something I see no useful purpose in doing but if you feel compelled to do it then just do it.  I can feel myself changing already and I’m getting all tingly with my 100% Improvement.

#9 FUNERALS – I hate them.  I would like to spend the remainder of my life never attending another regardless of who it is.  They freak me out and hopefully the only other one I ever attend will be my own. No improvement here.

#10 BACKWARD BASEBALL CAPS -  This is something I’ve hated since it all started. Grown men and women teaching their children to look as stupid and ridiculous as they do.  This goes hand in hand with saggy pants with underwear sticking out. I’d like to find the person who started these ridiculous trends and just kick their ass. No improvement.


By my calculations on these ten items I’m showing a 35% improvement overall.  I find that amazing, disturbing, and annoying, all at the same time.  I wish I could get that kind of improvement for my 2014 New Years resolutions but they’ll be reviewed and discussed at a later date.

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