12-01-2014 Journal – Things I Once Hated II   Leave a comment


I thought starting the month of December with part two of my review of “Things I Once Hated” would be appropriate.  After working for a toy retailer for thirteen years, I once hated Christmas with a passion, but as you can see I continue to show improvement in some areas. Here are the next fifteen items.

* * *

#11 Pierced Clits – While I think these body decorations can be interesting they also have the ability to be dangerous.  I no longer hate them but I do think we males should be forewarned in some fashion as to the possible dangers to our equipment. 100% improvement.

#12  Large Groups of People – I still hate this.  You can’t easily get over a phobia like this so there will never be improvement here.

#13  Old Gum Under Tables – No matter how good that old gum might taste I refuse to partake.  It also sticks to the knees of my pants and I hate that.  No improvement.

#14  Penis Tattooing –  Just saying those two words  make me cringe. I still hate unnecessary puncturing of the genitals for any reason and can’t be convinced otherwise. No improvement.

#15  Penn & Teller – Over the years my opinion on these two has changed a lot.  I still think Penn is a big blowhard but I’ve taken a liking to Teller.  He knows when to keep his mouth shut. 50% improvement.

#16  Dumb Cashiers – This problem is even worse now than it was when I initially made my list.  No improvement to this everlasting annoyance.

#17  Stinky Feet – Unfortunately I still hate this.  To my everlasting embarrassment I’ve become a contributor to this problem.  I hate my own feet and how they reek.  No improvement.

#18  Decomposition – My feelings about this go hand-in-hand with Funerals.  Thank God for cremation because I don’t even like to think about being embalmed and left to rot. Creepy as hell if you ask me so there’s no improvement.

#19  Night Farts – I’ve had to modify my feeling somewhat on night farting. While I don’t mind my own I have some serious issues with my better-half. So I’ll just call that a 50% improvement.

#20  Bugs Crawling On Me – Absolutely no change here.  I freaking hate it. No improvement.

#21  Tongue Studs – After giving this category a little more thought and doing a little field research I’m now all for them.  See how much I’m growing  and improving.  100% improvement.

#22  Hairy Bushes – This is a tough one. In Summer I hate them but in Winter I love them.  I’m forced to declare an improvement of 50%. It’s just the right thing to do.

#23  Terrorists – Kill them all.  No improvement.

#24  Overweight Pets – This category can’t really change.  Owners are mostly responsible for this problem and need to change their ways. No improvement.

#25  Know-It-All’s – No change here either.  These people make me want to scream and then kick their collective asses.

* * *

That concludes my revisits to the first twenty five items on my list of one hundred.  More to come in the next few weeks.

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