12-11-2014 Journal–Another Computer Day!   Leave a comment


You would  think I’d know better by now after all of the computer and networking fiasco’s I’ve had in recent months, but oh no, I just keep kicking the hornets nest over and over again.

I’ve written in the past about the robbery that took place here almost two years ago.  If you’ve never been victimized by a home break-in it’s hard to explain just how paranoid you instantly become. Every time you leave your home you wonder if the criminals will return to take the rest of your belongings. 

I took all of the normal precautions at the time with lock changes, deadbolts, metal doors, and padlocks on just about everything you can think of.  It hasn’t made me feel the least bit protected. Today was the day when we purchased a rather sophisticated alarm system that can easily be expanded to include everything.  It’s the first step in the creation of a “Smart House” which unfortunately requires a hookup directly into my home network and my internet feed. 

Nothing is easy to install no matter what they tell you.  It may be easy for the manufacturers but the guys that write their user manuals are idiots.  Their one hour installation is  now in it’s seventh hour due to faulty video cameras and the lack of a competent translator to read their instructions.

At last I have it in, operating and tested.  All except for the two video cameras which were faulty and will soon be replaced.  I now have door contacts, motion detectors, thermostats, sirens, and range extenders.  All I need now is a wide and deep moat filled with hungry alligators and possibly a machine gun nest on the roof.  If any intruders can get over the moat, past the alligators, through my dead bolts, and alarm sirens I guess I’ll just have to shoot them.


I feel safer already.

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