01-28-2015 Journal – SNOW SNOW SNOW!!   Leave a comment

There nothing more to talk about after the snow storm we just suffered through. It ended late last night after 36 hours of blizzard conditions. Fortunately all of us crazy Mainers aren’t effected all that much by heavy snow.    The weather experts were predicting 14-18 inches but what the hell do they know.  I pulled out my trusty snowblower yesterday afternoon just to try and keep up with the storm. No such luck. It was white-out conditions for most of the day and night making snowblowing almost impossible. Even though I’m getting my ass kicked by this flu I have, I persevered.  My measurement at that time was  20 inches across the driveway.  Early this morning I once again measured and added another 14 inches to the total.


As I’ve said  previously a couple of feet of snow is no big deal here. My better-half just left for work, the roads were already clear, and all is right with the world. I’ll throw a few more pictures out there for you folks who missed out on all the fun.


‘My New Best Friend’


‘Freezing My You-Know-What Off’

Unfortunately the word is out of two more storms headed this way next week with another foot or two of snow expected.  Here’s a big Bronx Cheer for all those global warming idiots. They should come up here and help me shovel.

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