03-19-2015 Journal – A “Twilight Zone” Day!   Leave a comment


I had a feeling when I woke up this morning that this day would be more than a little strange.  It was another late night of reading for me and I was awakened at 6:00 am for no apparent reason.  The better-half was gone off to work, the cat was missing in action, and the bed looked like twenty people had been in it.  Blankets thrown around on the bed and on the floor with pillows everywhere.  Don’t even ask!  I’ve got a thing for pillows and I love having a lot of them on the bed.  Not for decoration but to crawl into and curl up with.

I felt like I had hangover but I hadn’t had anything to drink for days.  I had things to do but I couldn’t seem to get my ass off that bed and get moving.  A coffee helped but not all that much.  One of my main tasks for the day was to do a little food shopping because dinner was on me tonight and I wanted it to be just perfect.   It took forever for me to get dressed but I managed, then I set the house alarm, jumped in my car, and pulled out of the driveway.

I live approximately five miles from the closest supermarket and it requires that I drive through a few neighborhoods and across two main roads to get there. Easy enough right?  I drove for a mile and noticed something strange happening.  I hadn’t seen a single car, person, animal, or another human being since leaving the house. The further I drove the more bizarre it became and I was starting to have flashbacks of the the movie “Legend” with Will Smith.  Another mile and still nothing. I stopped at an intersection with a main road that normally requires me to wait for an opening in traffic before pulling out.  I didn’t see a single vehicle in either direction.  The only living things I saw as I made the turn onto that highway were two large black crows sitting in a tree nearby and they seemed to be watching me.


I’m not a believer in the occult or any of that nonsense but this entire drive really creeped me out.  The first living person I finally saw was in the parking lot of the supermarket and it was a rather obese man eating a donut as he walked to his car.   The entire drive felt like a really weird dream. I kept thinking to myself that all of a sudden I’d awaken and still be at home in my bed.  But I wasn’t.

I finished my shopping and returned home and observed a normal amount of traffic and a few folks walking around. As I pulled into my driveway I looked up and there were two  large black crows sitting in a tree right next to my house. I sure hope it was just a weird coincidence and that there aren’t any more strange occurrences today. I want my surprise meal for the better-half tonight to go as planned. 

It’s the Twilight Zone all over again or at least it felt that way.  If she arrives home from work tonight eating a big fat donut then I may have to rethink my somewhat shaky belief system.

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