04-24-2015 Journal – Rain, Fire, and a Turkey   Leave a comment

My readjustment to this warmer weather continues.  Last week was interesting and started with the flooding of my backyard.  This isn’t unusual and happens quite often in the Spring but luckily the drainage for the property is excellent. There have been times when the water would be four feet deep but once the rain stops it drains away within 15 minutes.

Part of that flooding included my burn pit which I’ve been planning to use to rid myself of the Winters accumulation of scrap wood and saw dust. I also had a pile of lumber that was pulled from the garden frames last week and replaced. I had it drying out for a few days so it would burn properly once I threw it into the fire.

I decided to start the fire in the wet pit anyway figuring the heat would dry it out within minutes.  A little newspaper and a quart of gasoline can get damn near anything burning as you can plainly see.


It’s always a good idea to burn when things are wet after a rain.  It eliminates the possibility of starting a fire that could get into the forest next to the property. It also keeps the town from giving me grief about burning permits which I tend to ignore whenever possible.

My frustration with my lawn tractor continues.  I’ve read everything I can find online about the mower, watched every YouTube video, and if anything I’m more confused than before.  I’ll be visiting Lowe’s today for some expert help from their Lawn and Garden professional.  He’s going to walk me through the steps that will hopefully help me get this damn thing running again.  We shall see.

I’m still in bed as I write this post but was awakened in an interesting fashion earlier this morning. I was lying in bed in that La-La Land of half sleep deciding whether to get up  or not.  It was then I heard a very loud "Gobble . . . Gobble . . . Gobble" just outside my window. I stumbled over and there he was, a big fat tom-turkey doing his very best to wake up the entire house. Here in Maine that’s the next best thing to an alarm clock.

I rushed from the bedroom to find my camera but unfortunately he was gone into the nearby woods before I could get a picture.  I’m sure he’ll return soon and I’ll snap a few at that time. Here’s a photo I took previously in the yard and I suppose there’s a chance it’s the same bird. It’s hard to tell, they all look alike to me.  He’d better not show up around Thanksgiving because he’d be in big trouble.

DSC_0027 (2)

Well, I’m off to Lowe’s.  That should get my frustration level up there where it belongs.  I sure hope this guy can help.

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