04-22-2015 Journal – Rain, Mud & Gardening   Leave a comment

Mud and rain! Is mud and rain actually any better than snow and ice? I’m beginning to believe there’s no damn difference. They’re both annoying and require special clothing; parka and gloves v. raincoat and galoshes.


It’s nice to see that the ice and snow are completely gone but the reason is this steady rain we’re dealing with now and for the next two weeks. That’s assuming the weather forecasters are correct and of course they never get it wrong.  


I had a lot of plans for garden preparation this week and I refuse to be confounded by this weather.  Although my luck hasn’t been all that good so far this Spring.  My lawn tractor remains idle because I can’t find someone to repair it without forcing me to take out a mortgage.  This little bit of minor repair work will cost me almost half of what I originally paid for the damn thing. It’s getting bad when a lawn tractor becomes a disposable item.


Last week I ordered a pallet of dirt from Lowe’s and of course it was delivered today during the rain storm. Fortunately it was 75 bags of palletized dirt which was at least somewhat waterproof.  My garden frames needed some replenishment since I updated portions of them and made them a few inches deeper. 

After checking the forecast for the next few weeks I was forced into getting busy immediately to add that new dirt to the garden.  I removed the bags from the pallet and threw the required number into those frames that needed filling.  It was an absolute mess.  It rained off and on the entire time and turned the yard into a bog. 


I slogged my way through the wet and mud for a couple of hours and managed to get the dirt where it needed to be.  At the end of the day I was exhausted, muddy, chilled, and really wet. After some cleanup and a lot of raking the job was completed and I immediately hit the showers. 


Stage-1 of the garden prep was rebuilding the frames and Step-2 was refilling those frames.  Next comes Step-3 where I rototill the soil to loosen it up and then place garden fabric over the dirt to eliminate those god awful weeds that make gardening suck. Step-4 is the installation of the sprinkler system which is really a necessity. Step-5 is the purchase, planting, and fertilizing of the plants.  After that it’s time to sit back and watch things grow until late summer when Step-6 begins. Step-6 is harvesting the crop, Step-7 is canning, and Step-8 is cleaning out the frames once again and composting the soil in preparation for next year. 

Who said gardening wasn’t fun.

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