06-09-2015 Journal – A Day on the Road!   Leave a comment


After our fun day trip to Portsmouth and Kennebunkport we decided we needed some additional cruising time but a little further north in Maine.  It was one of those days where we just drive. No GPS, no real destination, just drive until we get lost.  The above photograph illustrates why traveling around in Maine is such fun.  It seems that you can’t drive for more than a few minutes without seeing these kind of picturesque scenes.  


It makes driving a real chore because you want to stop at every location but they’re everywhere.  There are hundreds of lakes and ponds and any one of them would result in fantastic photographs.

It was getting to be lunch time and we were starving and craving some good old Maine seafood. This place pictured below was just a shack along the highway and since we had nothing to lose we stopped.  It’s places like this that always seem to have really good food and fresh from the ocean seafood. We pulled in, ordered, and weren’t the least bit disappointed.


‘It doesn’t look like much but don’t be fooled.’


‘The prices were reasonable and the food terrific.’


We sat at a picnic table in the parking lot and pigged out.  A sunny day, fresh fish, and and a huge container of iced tea.  It just doesn’t get much better than that. We ended up driving more than two hundred miles before finally finding our way home.

‘Another great Maine day.’


‘One last scene from the drive.’

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