06-07-2025 – Journal– A Maine Beer Buzz!   Leave a comment


As I promised, today’s posting will conclude our day trip to Portsmouth, NH and Kennebunkport, ME.  I left off last time as we were leaving the Red Hook Brewery in New Hampshire after a nice lunch and a tour of the brewery.  I still was loving that beer buzz I had from tasting the many beer samples on the tour. Unfortunately by the time we reached the Kennebunkport area the glow was gone. 

Our last visit to Kennebunkport had been prior to Memorial Day and things have changed dramatically in the last week. The tourists were out in force and the parking difficulties have returned.  As much as I hate paying for parking there really isn’t much of a choice in such a small village directly adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean.  Three bucks an hour is enough to keep our visit to a two hour minimum.



We took a quick walk around town hitting a few shops and generally getting a feel for the place. Many of the shops from last year were gone and replaced by new owners wanting to make their fortune. Good luck with that.

As always we hung around just long enough to make a visit to Federal Jack’s restaurant. We never miss that stop when we’re in town because the food is great and the beer is plentiful.  This is the original microbrewery location that eventually spawned the Shipyard Brewing Company. I switched back to white wine for my meal of freshly caught and cooked Fish & Chips.

The town is famous for the Bush family and as you can see the entire population is celebrating the 90th birthday of Barbara Bush this month.  As we left town we took a short ride up the coast past Walker Point where the Bush family has their summer residence. The day remained gray and chilly but that’s just life in Maine in early June.

We arrived back home with a camera full of pictures and full bellies. Now it’s time to relax for a while and watch a movie. We’re both hoping for warmer weather soon but I suppose that’s Mother Natures decision as always.

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