08-04-2015 Journal–A Trip to the Desert!   Leave a comment

How many of you live in the northeastern United States and have never gotten up close and personal with a desert. I assume most people only have that opportunity if they live or visit the southwest.  I found out his week that my assumption was wrong.  Who knew I’d find a desert right here in Maine.

Yesterday my better-half and I were as usual out roaming around the state taking photographs.  As we were cruising south on the interstate we saw a sign that said Desert Road.  Never hesitating to explore we exited the expressway and drove a few miles west into the woods.  What do we find? This!


Right smack dab in the middle of a huge pine forest is a fifty acre desert with sand dunes and everything.  We couldn’t resist checking it out and immediately coughed up $20.00 for the grand tour. Of course the better-half was off to the gift shop to buy postcards and other weird items for her family members.  I was finally able to drag out of there, through the building, and out the backdoor to the tram.


‘This is a tram.’

It’s amazing to me how this desert was initially formed and the sand is still forty feet deep in spots with dunes as high as ninety feet.  There’s even a sign along the tour route where an old Spring House once stood before being buried by the shifting sands. Here’s an old photo showing the final days of that building.






The visit to the desert was fun and informative but as always the better-half was irritated that there were no live camels to ride.  She’s never happy! I found this one but we couldn’t come up with a workable solution to get her in the saddle.


Then it was back on the road, stopping for a decent lunch, and then home. I’ve finally made my first and hopefully last visit to a desert.  I really do hate the heat but fortunately this desert was a moderate 85 degrees and even I could handle that.

I also have to tell you that sitting on the tram  can be treacherous. Some little darling left a gob of gum on the seat that stuck to my ass like glue all day.  Just “be careful out there . . .”

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