04-12-2016 Journal – The Garden & So It Begins!   Leave a comment

I’m being as lazy as I possibly can this morning and looking ahead to the beginning of a labor intensive Spring which is scheduled to begin on Thursday. Regardless of the cooler temperatures and crappy weather Lowe’s will be making a delivery which means much more work and a few aching muscles for me.  It’s confusing for me to be so eager to get started with a project that will hurt so much but I’m forced to deal with the realities of the situation.

The garden is only moments away from becoming my main focus for at least the next three months. During that time I’ll be adding additional loam to all of the frames, fertilizing, and rototilling everything in sight to help loosen the soil.  Then it’s just a matter of setting the fabric in place in all of the large frames to eliminate the need to weed this summer. Completing a general cleanup will then allow me to sit back and relaxing  until the warmer temperatures decide to arrive.

Then comes the numerous trips to a selection of nurseries to purchase plants, plants, and more plants. Building and installing a few new trellises for the beans and snap peas as well as a box of .22 caliber ammunition for the assassination of the damn skunk. There are indications he’s already been visiting the property this year and I really have to get serious about ridding myself of him. With my luck he’ll have three or four relatives who’ll show up after his demise to make me even more crazy. It’s a wait and see situation for me, for him, and for them.

Welcoming the end of a rather lackluster winter season is something I’ve been looking forward to for months.  In another month or two I’m sure to be complaining about the garden, the heat, the humidity,  and wishing for Fall to arrive as soon on as possible. It’s a vicious cycle that we all seem to get  caught up in every year.

Here’s my all time favorite garden quote. If it isn’t a little off-color then how can it be one of my favorites?

"A dirty hoe is a happy hoe."

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