07-13-2016 Journal – Garden Flowers!   Leave a comment

I just took a quick stroll around the property this morning to take a few snaps of some of the more colorful bloomers.  The recent weeks of rain and warm weather have the garden growing as fast as possible. Just a few short weeks ago most of these flowers were only 6 inches high. Look at them now.


Day lilies are my favorites to photograph.


These are the first of many different colored lilies my better-half has planted in the gardens.  They are beautiful, colorful, and make for some interesting screensavers I can enjoy through those long winter months.


I’m not exactly sure what this plant is but I love the look of it.

As you can see the gardens are green and lush. A great place to sit on a bench and relax. There’s nothing more calming than that.  These last two photo’s are of flowers in full bloom. The white daisies are my better-half’s favorite flower. Once again I have no idea what the red ones might be but I like them regardless.



? ? ? ?

Today will be more garden work for me. Although I use garden fabric to keep the weeds to a minimum it still requires spending some time on my hands and knees to get those few that always seem to show up in every little crack and crevice.


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