02/07/2022 Limericks of the 1800’s   4 comments

I thought I would offer up a few of the oldest limericks I’ve found so far. After reading a few of them I quickly discovered that the sense of humor then was a touch bawdier that many recent ones. Our ancestors probably needed something a little more attention getting in their humor. I’m sure many of them had very little to cheer about.


There was a young sailor from Brighton

Who remarked to his girl, “You’re a tight one.”

She replied, ” ‘Pon my soul,

You’re in the wrong hole.

There’s plenty of room in the right one.”


A young woman got married at Chester,

Her mother she kissed, and she blessed her.

Says she, “You’re in luck,

He’s a stunning good fuck,

For I’ve had him myself down in Leicester.”


There was a young lady of Ealing

And her lover before her was kneeling.

Said she, ” Dearest Jim,

Take your hand off my quim.

I much prefer fucking to feeling.


There were three ladies of Huxham,

And whenever we meets’em we fucks’em,

And when that game grows stale

We sits on a rail,

And pulls out our pricks and they sucks’em.

I hope to post many more of these. I live to keep the tradition alive and well here in the 21st century.


4 responses to “02/07/2022 Limericks of the 1800’s

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  1. 💗🍆🍒
    Thought it was about time for me to challenge some of the published pros. This one’s for you:

    She certainly required no instruction,
    In teasing, titillating, or suction.
    She excelled at a maneuver,
    And became a human Hoover,
    But was it molesting or seduction???

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