04/15/2022 Bad Poetry Alert   6 comments

Today is the start of a better day than yesterday. Today I’m assured of at least another year before the cancer might return. A good doctor’s report makes for better days ahead. I can stop obsessing over this whole cancer deal until October when I’m due to be scanned again. So, what better way to pass the time than throwing some bad poetry your way. I wrote this many years ago during what I used to call the I-don’t-give-a-shit days. And believe me, I had plenty of them.

❤❤ It’s near in the mist. ❤❤
It watches and waits,
as its urges flicker to life.
A stroke of the hand,
a kiss in the dark,
and a seed is spilled
near your wife.
Some call it desire,
others haven’t a clue,
I see it near you!

6 responses to “04/15/2022 Bad Poetry Alert

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  1. 💗You do realize you have me crying. It’s so beautiful! I don’t know who you wrote it for but I think you posted it for me. Thank you sooo much!💗

  2. 💗 Decided to add this to my post…
    “There never more she walks her ways,
    By sun or moon or star.
    She dwells below, where neither days
    Nor any nights there are.
    But once a year when caverns yawn
    And hidden things awake,
    They dance together then till dawn,
    And a single shadow make.💗

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