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10/21/2021 ***Limerick Alert***   Leave a comment

A diminutive maiden name Hilda,

Had a date with a top body-builder;

He said that he should,

That he could and he would,

And he did – and it damn near killed her!

10/19/2021 Limerick   Leave a comment

A bit of a nuisance named Liam,

Said: ” The best bits are tits, when you see’em.

But they’re usually trapped,

Cupped, wired and strapped.

So I make it my mission to free’em.

10/18/2021 ***Limerick Alert***   Leave a comment

An engaging young filly named Sally,

Who enjoys the occasional dally,

Will sit on the lap

Of a well-endowed chap,

And declare: “Ooh, you’re right up my alley!”

10/16/2021 ***Limerick Alert***   Leave a comment

Said a lecherous fellow named Shea,

When his prick would not rise for a lay:

“You must seize it, and squeeze it,

And tease it, and please it.”

Adding: ” Rome wasn’t built in a day!”

10/15/2021 ***Limerick Alert***   Leave a comment

There was a young stud from Missouri

Who screwed with astonishing fury,

Till taken to court

For his vigorous sport,

And condemned by a poorly hung jury.

10/14/2021 ***Limerick Alert***   Leave a comment

A pretty young maiden named Flo

Said “I hate to be had in the snow,

While I’m normally hot,

In this spot I’m not –

So, as soon as you come Bert, lets go!”

10/13/2021 ***Limerick Alert***   Leave a comment

“I cannot be bothered with drawers,”

Insists one of our better-known whores;

“There isn’t much doubt

I do better without

In conducting my everyday chores.”

10/12/2021 ***Limerick Alert***   Leave a comment

My dear, you looked simply divine,

And I know that we’ll get along fine;

For making ends meet

Will be such a treat,

When one end is yours and one mine.

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10/11/2021 ***Limerick Alert***   Leave a comment

There was a young man from Siam,

Who said:” I go in with a wham!

But I soon lose my starch, like the mad month of March,

And the lion comes out like a lamb.”

10/09/2021 ***Limerick Alert***   2 comments

A notorious harlot named Hearst

In the pleasures of men is well-versed;

Reads the sign at the head

Of her well-rumpled bed:

“The customer always comes first”.

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