06/08/2022 “Questionable Poetry”   1 comment


It’s that look when I’m not really looking.
It’s that lick of your lips when I am.
It’s the smell of your hair when I’m near you.
It’s the feel of your body in my hands.

It’s the taste of your ear when I’m horny.
It’s the wet of my tongue when you are.
It’s whispering something really corny.
It’s your voice when say you want more.

It’s these moments you’ll never forget.
It’s the essence of what we’ve become.
It’s the reasons we eventually met.
It’s to these moments we finally succumbed.


One response to “06/08/2022 “Questionable Poetry”

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  1. 💗💗💗💗💗 Whoa! That was amazing! You may THINK you’re old but you don’t THINK old! What was it you responded to one of my limericks? …”Would that it were”!
    Thanks for making my birthday special.

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