08/27/2022 Oldies but Goodies   2 comments

I finally rolled out of bed today and headed directly for the coffee maker. I found the badly needed coffee and also a small surprise. My better-half left me a very old kid’s book filled with fun questions and answers circa 1957. Let’s start your weekend with a laugh or two.

  • What dog cannot bark? Answer: The basenji. It makes sharp little cries that sound like yodeling.
  • What bird can whistle with its wings? Answer: The hornbill. Its wings make a sharp whistling sound when it flies.
  • What bird has no wings or tail? Answer: The Kiwi.
  • How much would a 150-pound man weigh on the moon? Answer: Approximately 25 pounds.
  • Where are the largest coins in the world used? Answer: On the Pacific Island of Yap. They are made of stone and measure from 2-12 feet across.

  • Is it possible to step across the Mississippi River? Answer: Yes, near Lake Itasca, Minnesota.
  • Is all asparagus edible? Answer: No, only the common garden variety.
  • What animal picks fruit from trees with its tail? Answer: The kinkajou.
  • What is a guanaco? Answer: It is a wild llama from South America.
  • How much raw material would be needed to obtain one pound of radium? Answer: No less than 2,680 tons.

Thanks to my better-half and the Giant Little Golden Book – QUIZ FUN. I’m fairly certain that the kid books these days aren’t quite as informative.



2 responses to “08/27/2022 Oldies but Goodies

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  1. That was a great find

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