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I’ve spent the last week listening to and hearing about all the wonderful things the politicians and government are proposing to resolve and fix all of our countries problems. I’ve been a constant critic of this country’s politicians for some time now and if you know me at all that should be an red flag.  I’ve always been a patriotic citizen well schooled by my father and grandfather and proud of their service to this country as well my own.  To have me bitching and complaining about the Unites States is something I always knew was expected but never thought would be necessary. With the asinine proposals I’ve been listening to about the handling of illegal immigration and border control, I think I need to speak up once again.

We now exist as a “nanny nation” in an atmosphere of give-away’s.  Pay farmers not to grow crops, entitlements out of control with no one even attempting to slow them down, and full benefits for every illegal immigrant who can find his/her way illegally from any where.  Close to thirty percent of the population is collecting food stamps and almost an equal number are on  some sort of disability.  In my humble opinion any person who believes that drug addiction and alcoholism are disabilities that require government subsidies, needs to buy a ticket on the next boat to any other country they’d like to live in.  I‘d vote a big “Yes” for temporary government subsidies to help all of those folks pay for their relocation. Maybe Europe would be the place for them to settle.  They went down this road themselves over the past forty years and are now suffering the obvious consequences.

Taxing the money-makers and giving that money to alleged needy people and illegal immigrants is insane.  I hate to tell you but when the number of people collecting entitlements out numbers the money-makers, the end is near. Socialism can destroy any nation if permitted to flourish and if you don’t believe that ask anyone from the former Soviet Union. You can also check in with any number of the European countries currently on the verge of default. I’ll bet anything if they could go  back and make a change they would. 

I guess my question is this.  Is drifting into socialism a logical progression when certain groups attempt to demonize hard work as a problem to be dealt with rather than a goal to be reached?  I don’t have all of the answers but as any damn fool can see, the leaders of this country don’t either. 

Is it too late to stop this madness?  Unfortunately I think it probably is.  This insidious propaganda has been fed to use for decades and it appears a majority of citizens are just going along to get along.  The old statement about “inmates running the asylum” has more meaning now than ever before.

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With cold and snow still dominating the landscape for at least another month it gives a person a great deal of time to think about this and that. Today is the day for marriage to be thought about and examined. I like millions of others have been married and divorced and suffered with the accompanying emotional damage.  Nineteen years of memories I would love to remove from my memory banks except for a few months of actual happiness.

I was raised by parents who dated from when they were in their teens.  They lived a few blocks from each other and were inseparable as teens until my father enlisted in the Navy during WW II.  I always thought their marriage was a happy one because we (my sister and I) were protected from certain things.  My father later in life made me privy to a number of incidents and occurrences that brought them close to divorce and I wished he had me told me those things earlier. They might actually have helped me through some rough times in my own marriage.  It was only my mothers religious beliefs concerning divorce and a  fear of community and family ridicule that kept them together.

Marriage can be a wonderful thing but when it doesn’t work it a freaking nightmare.  Yet millions of people still believe that they are the exception to the rule and continue to jump into what at best is a fifty-fifty proposition.  A normal thinking person would almost never gamble their money on those kind of odds but are immediately willing to jump into a legally binding relationship which has a better than average chance of failing.

In the past it was ingrained in children that marriage was the ultimate goal with having kids, a mortgage, and the proverbial white picket fence.  Here are a few more recent facts obtained from the Pew Research Center that begin to show just how much that has changed in recent years.

  • The ratio of new marriages to divorces is 2 to 1 (Marriages and Divorces).
    Total Marriages showed a sharp drop in 1998 and after a brief rebound, continued to trend down.
  • The population of unmarried women will soon surpass the number of married women. This indicates a rejection of the Divine Institution of Marriage by the general population.
  • The number of Unmarried Couple Households (live-in) is increasing steadily.
  • Children living with only one parent have increased from 9% in 1960 to 27% in 2009. Of those 87% of the children live with the mother.
  • Previous marriage experience plays a big role in whether people want to get married (again) or not.

These facts indicate that the drop in the marriage rate is due primarily to people believing that marriage is more of a problem than a solution.  Apparently people these days are deciding in greater numbers that the marriage gamble isn’t worth the risk.  The emotional damage coupled with the financial ramifications to both partners has taken some of the shine off of the marriage apple.

I’m currently unmarried and that will never change.  I’m sharing my life with my soulmate which was always the most important thing to me. Marriage never supplied me with much of anything except a piece of paper.  Living together has surprisingly given us a great deal of freedom in that we are both free to leave at any time with no divorce nonsense as a consequence. We are together because that’s what we both want.  I actually find myself working harder to keep our relationship peaceful and loving like never before. It was like the marriage document itself put undue pressure on me, both emotionally and financially.

I wish the gay community all the best in their efforts to marry legally.  As I’ve said many times before why should they miss out on all the benefits of marriage.  Arguing, fighting, cheating, financial problems, divorce, alimony, and child support.  They must be crazy.

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