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04-14-2016 Journal – Garden Day #1   Leave a comment

Today is  fast becoming  a day of anticipated frustration for me.  I’ve been waiting for almost two weeks and today is the day of my delivery of garden items from Lowe’s.  Dealing with any big box store immediately becomes overly complicated as soon as you say the magic word, "Delivery".  All of a sudden a simple purchase becomes a major project involving a dozen so-called experts who never fail to make things difficult for themselves and in turn, for me as well.  Multiple telephone calls to verify the order, where to deliver it, and at what time of the day they might arrive.  Much like cable TV companies they give you that oh-so convenient four hour window.

I’ve been assured by my better-half that things will go as planned but I’m skeptical.   We’ll be leaving the house for a few hours to run errands and I can only pray that things go as ordered and get delivered.  I’ve decided to wait to finish this post until  later today once the delivery has been completed.


‘Day #1 – Start’

It’s a few hours later and I’m very happy with Lowes. Everything for the garden was delivered, on time, and in one piece.  I guess my skepticism was unwarranted, sorry Lowes.

We both got right to work unloading almost 2 1/2 tons of bagged top soil and the lumber to rebuild one of the frames.


‘Old Frame Out – New Frame In’


“New Soil In’


I’m sitting on the deck as I write this post knowing ahead of time just how stiff and sore I’m sure to be tomorrow morning.  Regardless, it’s a good stiff and sore. Gardening and working in the yard is like therapy for us and we actually look forward to and relish all of the aches and pains. Crazy, I know.

This day ended when we ran out of energy.  Tomorrows another day and what wasn’t finished today will be taken care of then. Here’s the garden as we left it at the end of the day.


On to Day #2.

02-13-2015 Journal – You’ve Got Mail–NOT!   Leave a comment

Another day in the deep freeze that is Maine. I keep bitching about all of the snow but each day I’m also anticipating and hoping for a few snow free days. We had three or four inches of snow yesterday which this year is like nothing at all. I’ve been constantly trying to widen the driveway in order to have more room for the new snow that’s coming but it’s a losing battle. Here are a few mailbox related photo’s.  None of them are my mail box because it was totally destroyed by the snow plow in the last storm.  I have only a bag full of pieces left.


‘This is as good as you can hope for.’


‘This delusional neighbor honestly thought these red streamers would help.’


‘You’ve Got Mail – NOT’

I checked the weather forecast last night and OMFG was I sorry I did. A new storm is on the way and is forecast to drop somewhere in the area of two more feet on us on Saturday and Sunday.  To add insult to injury they’re predicting wind gusts of fifty mph which should make for some humongous snow drifts and ball freezing wind chills.  The drifts could possibly get as high as six feet or more.

With all of that good news coming our way I’m going to spend this snow free Friday preparing for the coming storm and also our celebration of Valentines Day.  I’ve completed my shopping for Valentines Day gifts and if it snows a few feet we’ll have lots of snuggling time to be sure. 

My better-half made arrangements last night for a heating oil delivery this morning and I’m patiently waiting for the truck to get here.  I spent a half-hour last night digging a path from the driveway around the side of the house to where the oil tank nozzle is located. If we don’t have a path properly cleared they won’t deliver the oil. I’m always cooperative especially when I have no freaking choice.



The next chore is to make a quick trip out for a few gallons of gas for the snowblower. With all this snow on the way the blower will be getting a serious workout and I certainly don’t want to run out of fuel.  I’d have a heart attack and die if I was forced to shovel all this white crap by hand.  We’ve stocked up on food and checked the generator to make sure we’ll have power if there’s an outage.  Just a normal process we must adhere to for any large winter storm here in Maine.  Then we can sit back, watch the snow pile up, and pray for Spring to arrive.

I heard on the news yesterday that we’ve had between seventy and eighty inches of snow since the first of the year which even in Maine is outrageous. It should make for some really cool photographs and I intend to take as many as I possibly can. I guess the old saying is true, “when you’re given lemons make lemonade.”

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