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07-07-2016 Journal – Spoiled Rotten!   Leave a comment

I think I may be getting a little bit spoiled but trust me . . . I won’t tell that to anyone but you. I never thought I’d live to see the day when I’d be considered spoiled but I have and it arrived yesterday.


My better-half is on vacation this week and we’ve been going and doing anything we want and enjoying it immensely.  Yesterday was an almost perfect day. It was in the low eighties, sunny, and not a cloud in the sky. We decided to take a short day trip into New Hampshire to shop for antiques and to just relax and roam around for a few hours. Sounds pretty good right? Then why was I complaining almost the entire time? Why, because I’m spoiled.


After getting home last night I sat on the deck and tried to figure out what my problem might be.  I spent a great deal of time whining and complaining about New Hampshire and those endlessly boring forests, lakes,  and those beautiful White Mountains. I complained about having to drive twenty miles along dozens of lakes and streams and be forced to see all of this damn beautiful scenery.  I also moaned and groaned after traveling through the countryside for an hour about that one car that was tailgating me or the one truck that was in front of me going only twenty miles an hour. Truthfully they were the only other cars on the road at that time. I was also upset that I had to drive by all of those cool little campgrounds and small beaches where I was forced once again to ogle a few well tanned and bikini clad lovelies enjoying their day. Am I going insane of just horribly spoiled?


As we drove home back into Maine I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I could stop bitching about New Hampshire and return to my normal everyday bitching about Maine. More damn forests, more lakes, more good weather, and more of those damn beautiful vistas. Why me? What did I do in a previous life that I deserved all of these wonderful things.

I don’t know for sure but I’m working on it.

04-16-2015 Journal–Tourist Prep Continues!   Leave a comment

I can finally accept the fact that Spring is here.  I don’t take anyone’s word for it anymore but I do listen to Mother Nature when she speaks.  The easiest way to make that determination is to sit on my deck and await the arrival of the hummingbirds. They arrived this morning and spent the entire day trying to empty our recently filled feeder. They must have been very hungry after their long trip and were sucking down that sugar water as fast as they could.  Mother Nature’s sure-fire way of letting us know.

These last three days of beautiful sunshine permitted me to begin my yard cleanup and to complete a long list of repairs to the garden frames. Something else I picked up along the way was the beginnings of a bright red sunburn. My pasty white body will take some time making the adjustment to sunlight and I’ll enjoy every minute of it except for that first blast of hot water in the shower later tonight.

My better-half and I decided to take a few hours off and cruise up towards Sebago Lake which is an hour or so north of here.  The town of Naples has always been one of our favorite spots for sitting on a deck overlooking the lake and enjoying a fun lunch.  As you can see by the photos the sun is shining but the lake is only just beginning to thaw.


We drove the perimeter of the lake for an hour snapping a few more scenic pictures where the ice still is holding its own against the warmer temperatures. Most of the businesses have yet to open their doors and are spending most of their time cleaning things up in anticipation of the upcoming flood of tourists.


I can’t wait to return here when it’s a little warmer, with the restaurants open, and the place crowded with lots of interesting tourists.  It’s a great place to relax, rent a canoe or jet-ski, and even take a plane ride over the lake up towards the White Mountains.

To misquote one of my favorite Generals – “We  shall return.”

09-25-2013   Leave a comment

There are a number of people both in my family and not who wonder why I live in Maine.  Coming from the Pittsburgh area is a long, long way from Maine not just in distance but in the style of life. Pittsburgh was and remains a sort of blue collar community proud of it’s roots in the mines and mills that surrounded and supported the area.  Second and third generations continue to be those hardworking, nose-to-the-grindstone individuals who made the area what it is.  They play hard as well and raise their families with their good solid family values.  It sounds great so why leave?

Even as a child I was drawn to places near water.  I spent a lot of my childhood with friends hanging around the Allegheny River.  We swam in it, we rode on things that floated on it, we jumped from bridges that crossed over it and it was all good.  I just loved the three rivers but felt drawn to the ocean for some unknown reason.

Over the years we made quite a few family trips to Erie, Pennsylvania.  I was fascinated by Lake Erie.  It looked like an ocean to me but later after checking a world map I discovered it was only a mud puddle compared to the oceans.  I attended college very near to Lake Erie and made dozens of trips to the lake to party and relax.  It was about then I decided that being landlocked in Pittsburgh held no future for me.

Jump ahead six years and I’m still working in Pittsburgh at a job with a national company.  I was offered a promotion which required a move to Boston and I jumped at it.  The mere thought of living in Massachusetts and being near Cape Cod and the ocean made the decision for me.

Jump ahead ten more years and I found myself newly divorced and looking for a new place to live.  I purchased a small cottage no more than fifty yards from the ocean in Kingston, Massachusetts and I was in heaven.  For three years I was in the water every day except for winter of course and life was good.  I’d swim far out into the ocean at night, float on my back for an hour, staring up at the stars.  It was unbelievable.

Jump ahead three more years, my company declares bankruptcy and I’m again forced to move to find work.  Looking at my choices Maine was my only answer.  I loved the style of life there, the lower population, and the anticipation of no traffic jams.  I also would be within minutes of the ocean.  I made the move, bought a new home and settled in.  I was twenty minutes from the ocean but still was able to go there as often as I needed.  Standing on the shore, listening to the water, had a calming effect on me like nothing else.

Jump ahead nine more years, I’ve met the love of my life, I sold my house, and we settled in to make a life together.  Also, we now lived directly adjacent to the Nonesuch River, ten minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, and fifteen minutes from Sebago Lake and a number of local beaches.  These days I’m able to walk the beach in the summer and winter to relax and take photographs.  I can visit a nearby cove and watch the lobsterman loading up and going to work.  I can then return later to watch them bringing in their catch and mooring their boats.

I think I was meant to be here.  Many years ago my late grandmother suffering from dementia sent me many letters when I lived in Massachusetts that were always addressed to ME instead of MA. I kept telling her I lived in Massachusetts but she continued to send me letters until she passed away addressed to Maine with a Massachusetts Zip code. Maybe she knew something I didn’t.

You hear the term used here often and it still remains true.  Maine is "the way life ought to be."

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