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11/12/2021 Who Doesn’t Love Maine?   Leave a comment

I am a proud citizen of the great state of Maine. I’ve lived here now for 21 years and it’s even more interesting than you might think. As in every other state in the United States, Maine has its peculiarities. Some people may think they’re stupid and others might consider them quaint but that’s just an individual’s judgment call. The state of Maine has been around a long time and has many laws on the books that are absolutely ridiculous. Fortunately most of the ones I’m going to introduce you to now are not enforced. Thank god.

  • In Maine, it’s illegal to step out of an airplane once it’s in flight.
  • In Maine you will be fined if your holiday lights are left up any later than January 14.
  • In Augusta, it is illegal to walk down the street playing the violin.
  • In Freeport, don’t you dare “expectorate” out of any second story window.
  • In Wells, Maine, you may not place an advertisement in the cemetery.
  • In Maine, it is illegal to keep an armadillo as a pet.
  • In Waterville, it’s illegal to blow your nose in public.
  • In Portland, you better not use a feather duster to tickle under the chin of a woman.
  • In Rumford, it is illegal to bite a landlord under any circumstances.
  • In Portland, shoe laces must be tied when walking down the street.
  • In Hollowell, it is illegal to park your horse “up wind” on a windy day.
  • In South Berwick, it is illegal to park in front of Dunkin’ Donuts.
  • In Waterboro, dog leashes may not be over 8 feet in length.

So much for their host of stupid laws, let’s look now at what some Mainers consider tourist attractions. Who am I to dispute these kind of crazy claims. If nothing else these tourist attractions are worth a few yucks.

  • Maine experiences the first sunrise in the US, you should go to Mars Hill, Cadillac Mountain, or Lubek to properly start your day..
  • Maine is the closest state to Africa.
  • A giant boot outside L.L. Bean in Freeport, Maine is a size 400 (Extra Wide).
  • On US Route 1, 7 miles south of the intersection with US Route 2 in Houlton, you’ll find a tree decked out with pairs of hanging shoes.
  • The world’s largest Paul Bunyan statue is a roadside attraction in Bangor, Maine.
  • On Peaks Island, there is an entire museum devoted to umbrella covers.

Well, I think that’s enough excitement for me for a while. You should rush right out and make reservations to come to this glorious state next summer to seek out these incredibly silly tourist attractions. Having that much fun could be hazardous to your health.

Lobsters, Lighthouses, Scenic Shorelines, and one small Amusement Park


09-07-2015 Journal–Burgers, Sausage, & Lobsters!   Leave a comment


With Summer slowly fading away our daily routine changes once again. The nights have been cold enough recently to require a little help from my electric blanket. I rolled over the other morning and found my cat snuggling up against me, something he almost never does unless his fur coat isn’t getting the job done.  I touched his back and it was ice cold so I threw a blanket over the little dummy and went back to sleep. Another real indicator of Winter like caterpillars with extra thick fur.

I’m forever raving about how great I think Maine is but I’ve never shown any photographs of it’s main export.  While I’m not a lobster lover my better-half is.  We had a family cook-out yesterday with all the normal grilling food, burgers, dogs, sausages, and as extra added bonus . . . lobsters. As you can see these poor fellows look pretty contented in the first photo but not so much in the second.  They are now just a memory but left my better-half, her daughter, and son-in-law with dribbles of melted butter on their chins and a smile on their faces.





Our menial tasks continued this week with the canning of more pickles, the making of more zucchini bread, and the drying of more herbs.  Over the next few days I’ll be harvesting and drying batches of tarragon, basil, parsley, and chives.  I have so many damn chives growing everywhere it’s getting ridiculous. If I dry too many I’ll just have to package them up and give them to friends and family members.

I hope to begin removing plants from the garden next week. I have a lot of work ahead but would like to get it done as soon as possible.  Once the plants are removed I can begin making a few changes to the garden. I’m expanding the rhubarb area because it’s growing so fast I can’t contain it. I’m also adding on two additional frames, one abutting each large frame, to help expand the sunflower areas. We both love having as many sunflowers as possible in the garden and the birds will be thrilled with all of the extra food.  I thought it best to do this construction now rather than in the Spring.


Life in Maine continues.

04-10-2015 Journal – WTF More Snow!   Leave a comment

With a major warming trend gripping Maine I was swept away with a huge dose of Spring Fever this week.  I moved my grill from storage, cleaned it up, and cooked my first feast for 2015.  I spent some quality time on the deck reading one of my favorite books with my favorite lazy cat.  Life was slowly improving and I began to throw off those Winter doldrums. 

I decided that since a great deal of the snow had disappeared I’d take a trip to the coast to look around a little.  I worked my way up the coast to the inlet where the great Scarborough Marsh empties into the Atlantic Ocean.  This inlet is populated by a large number of lobster boats and their owners and is the area where you can buy the freshest lobsters in town.  There was a lot of activity in the harbor with the boats being cleaned and readied for the warmer weather.



As you can see by these photos it was a gray day but slowly showing some signs of Spring.  I should have known better than to get my hopes up because the weather in Maine is nothing if not fickle.


I awoke yesterday prepared to face the day and to begin the cleanup of my yard and garden.  How stupid am I? I walked to my bedroom window, looked out, and saw an overnight deposit of four inches of snow. WTF!



Now I’m once again depressed and irritated.  While listening to the radio today I heard about the Freezing Rain Alert for tomorrow where high winds, sleet, and power outages are expected.  What did we ever do to deserve this I wonder?

I think it’s time for me to sit quietly, sip a glass of my favorite brandy, and relax so my head doesn’t explode. 

09-19-2014 Journal Entry–Sunny, Clear & Cold!   Leave a comment

I’ve been sleeping much better lately now that the weather is turning colder.  Heat and humidity seem to be my worst nightmare these days.  I’ve always favored cooler weather and it seems that will never change.

Today’s forecast was for clear and sunny skies and a temperature in the low fifties.  It was dig out a medium weight jacket and jeans because it appears shorts are out until next Spring.  The better-half and I had errands to run on her day-off but I was able to convince her to take a ride along the southern coast for a few hours.  Traffic was heavier than anticipated and I’m not sure exactly why.  I guess everyone was trying desperately to enjoy the sunshine and extend their summer for as long as possible just like we were.

We started our little journey to  Kennebunkport by cutting cross country through an area filled with horse farms. We can always find great photo opportunities there.  


We made a short visit to the small coastal town of Cape Porpoise, Maine.  It was such a clear day I knew I could get a decent picture or two of the Goat Island lighthouse located just offshore at the entrance to the harbor.



These lobsterman pictured below were in port with barrels of freshly caught lobsters.  As you can see they’re loading them into trucks for transport to some of your favorite restaurants.


This area is filled with an endless supply of beautiful costal pictures as always. This small harbor was full of lobster boats and many of the visitors were sitting along the shore enjoying the view and basking in the sunshine.


We traveled north along the coast back towards Goose Rocks and Biddeford.  There were many terrific photo-ops and we took advantage of them all. There were so many possibilities we actually were forced to pass a few by and we hate doing that.  Here are a couple of samples.




It made for a great trip to roam around and enjoy one of our last remaining sunny and warm days.  The second half of this trip will be posted in a day or so as we traveled towards farm country looking for pumpkins. We planned on visiting a few farms in our ongoing effort to find pumpkins that weren’t priced sky high as those at Walmart.   It seems we can’t really enjoy the Fall season around here without stacking a few pumpkins and cornstalks in front of the house.

C’mon Winter!

09-25-2013   Leave a comment

There are a number of people both in my family and not who wonder why I live in Maine.  Coming from the Pittsburgh area is a long, long way from Maine not just in distance but in the style of life. Pittsburgh was and remains a sort of blue collar community proud of it’s roots in the mines and mills that surrounded and supported the area.  Second and third generations continue to be those hardworking, nose-to-the-grindstone individuals who made the area what it is.  They play hard as well and raise their families with their good solid family values.  It sounds great so why leave?

Even as a child I was drawn to places near water.  I spent a lot of my childhood with friends hanging around the Allegheny River.  We swam in it, we rode on things that floated on it, we jumped from bridges that crossed over it and it was all good.  I just loved the three rivers but felt drawn to the ocean for some unknown reason.

Over the years we made quite a few family trips to Erie, Pennsylvania.  I was fascinated by Lake Erie.  It looked like an ocean to me but later after checking a world map I discovered it was only a mud puddle compared to the oceans.  I attended college very near to Lake Erie and made dozens of trips to the lake to party and relax.  It was about then I decided that being landlocked in Pittsburgh held no future for me.

Jump ahead six years and I’m still working in Pittsburgh at a job with a national company.  I was offered a promotion which required a move to Boston and I jumped at it.  The mere thought of living in Massachusetts and being near Cape Cod and the ocean made the decision for me.

Jump ahead ten more years and I found myself newly divorced and looking for a new place to live.  I purchased a small cottage no more than fifty yards from the ocean in Kingston, Massachusetts and I was in heaven.  For three years I was in the water every day except for winter of course and life was good.  I’d swim far out into the ocean at night, float on my back for an hour, staring up at the stars.  It was unbelievable.

Jump ahead three more years, my company declares bankruptcy and I’m again forced to move to find work.  Looking at my choices Maine was my only answer.  I loved the style of life there, the lower population, and the anticipation of no traffic jams.  I also would be within minutes of the ocean.  I made the move, bought a new home and settled in.  I was twenty minutes from the ocean but still was able to go there as often as I needed.  Standing on the shore, listening to the water, had a calming effect on me like nothing else.

Jump ahead nine more years, I’ve met the love of my life, I sold my house, and we settled in to make a life together.  Also, we now lived directly adjacent to the Nonesuch River, ten minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, and fifteen minutes from Sebago Lake and a number of local beaches.  These days I’m able to walk the beach in the summer and winter to relax and take photographs.  I can visit a nearby cove and watch the lobsterman loading up and going to work.  I can then return later to watch them bringing in their catch and mooring their boats.

I think I was meant to be here.  Many years ago my late grandmother suffering from dementia sent me many letters when I lived in Massachusetts that were always addressed to ME instead of MA. I kept telling her I lived in Massachusetts but she continued to send me letters until she passed away addressed to Maine with a Massachusetts Zip code. Maybe she knew something I didn’t.

You hear the term used here often and it still remains true.  Maine is "the way life ought to be."

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