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It seems to me that this one little room remodel has consumed me for a very long time.  It continued today much to my chagrin.  I thought I’d finally begin the priming and painting to move this project into its final stages but I was wrong again.  I decided to do one last up-close inspection before starting to primer and after completing that inspection I put the paint and supplies back in the workshop and returned once again to the joint compound to make a few small repairs. Nothing pisses me off as much as realizing I’m not as meticulous as I thought.

I put down the plastic sheeting one more time, slopped some more joint compound around, and now I’m forced to wait until tomorrow before I can again smooth it out.  Another freaking day  lost that I could be doing other things but can’t.  This project needs to be completed and over. I need to keep in mind that I can’t rush things because if I do I’ll be creating even more problems. So I’ll shut up now and get back to work.

It’s now a few hours later and the minor repairs have been completed to my satisfaction.  Of course, my better-half arrived to conduct her own inspection and make a few comments which always makes me a little crazy. She was somewhat kind and took it easy on me because she knew how pissed off I was. So now it’s time to kick back for a few hours and try to change my focus from drywalling and painting to the garden and yard cleanup.

I briefly checked in on the progress of the Boston bombing but there wasn’t much new to hear.  I realize it’s too early to expect anything new but like every other citizen of this country I’m angry and want justice and some dark and savage revenge on the fuckers responsible for this outrage.  Again I’m forced to wait for results.  I’m a very impatient person and waiting makes me effing crazy.

I have a little extra time today to catch up my reading.  I normally like to read one book at a time but I find myself with three different books only partially read.  I’ve been skipping from one to the other and it’s a little distracting. On top of that, one book is on an e-reader (science fiction), another is a large and bulky hardcover (non-fiction), and the third an old tattered paperback (fiction). It’s effectively ruining all three stories for me and it’s time for me to fix things.  I plan on finishing the sci-fi today which should be easy enough with only a couple of hundred pages remaining.  Then tomorrow I’ll knock off the non-fiction book after finishing the first coat of primer and paint in this freaking room.

The next few days are expected to be sunny and clear but not particularly warm.  I plan on spending some quality time with my camera and maybe walk a few quiet miles through some nearby woods.  It’s a little early in the season to expect much in the way of photographs but it’s really more about getting out  the house for a few hours.  Believe me, it will be a pleasure to take photo’s of anything that isn’t covered with or standing in snow.

C’mon springtime.

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It’s another day I’ll spend washing joint compound dust from my hair. My better-half and I are quite the drywalling team it would seem. We worked like a well oiled machine today which helped keep the remodel ahead of schedule. The construction has really accelerated with the completion of the hardwood flooring.  I always knew that installing a drywall ceiling was going to be a real bitch and I wasn’t far wrong. We were able with the minimum amount of difficulty to get the ceiling installed without a major incident or loss of blood on my part.

As I’ve said many times before I’m really clumsy and every job I’ve ever done requires a quantity of my blood to be sacrificed. Today is the first time in many years where my sacrifice wasn’t required. I’ll be putting the finishing touches to the ceiling tomorrow with the taping of joints and final application of the joint compound. Over the next week I should be able to complete the walls and then prepare for primer and paint.  Hooray!

It’s been another weird weather day in Maine and it starting to get old. The morning started out after a night of rain as gray and dismal and typical for March. Just a few hours later the clouds parted and the sun peaked out for an entire fifteen minutes. It appeared we would have a really beautiful day but I was wrong again. As we were working I walked past the window and looked outside a few minutes later and it was snowing a freaking blizzard. It wasn’t quite white-out conditions but it was snowing hard and fast and beginning to accumulate. I got back to work and forgot about the weather for a few minutes and an hour later, no snow. We’d come full circle back to cloudy, dismal, and gray.

This Spring Fever is starting to work on my head and I’m getting the urge to do things I shouldn’t even be thinking about this early in the year. We were shopping in a couple of local stores yesterday and it was all I could do to stay out of the garden centers looking for plants, seeds, and everything  Spring. I’ve got it really bad and I fear it’s only going to get worse.

Local retailers are not helping to be certain. There are beginning to receive and display their Spring product lines which is going to force me to stay out of the stores for at least four more weeks. I’ve been fooled in years past when I started buying seeds and plants early which all later died a horrible death. I learned a lesson but the Spring Fever craziness won’t get out of my head. Thank God I have this remodeling project to keep me busy for a few more weeks and it should carry me through into the beginnings of Spring.

My better-half has been on a work-related shopping spree today in between times of helping me with the drywall. She’s in charge of an MDA breakfast tomorrow and she’ll be preparing sausage, eggs, and french toast for fifty or more people. I love that she never hesitates to offer her time and efforts to charities but I just don’t know where she gets the energy. Her energy level has always been amazing and much higher than mine could ever be. I’m sure the event will be a huge success.

I have a few more things to do this afternoon then a nice long hot shower and and some good comfort food to round out my day. I started rereading a series of five ebooks that I purchased some time ago and I’m looking forward to an hour or so of reading. I should sleep well tonight and be ready in the morning to do it all over again. Spring is coming and I need to get these winter projects finished.

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Today has been another remodeling/construction day with a major step forward finally taken.  I’ve reached the point where the wall between our bedroom and the adjacent room was taken down.  For the first time we both can visualize the finished product and the end of this long drawn out project.

I hired the flooring installer this week who will be putting down the hardwood floors.  The flooring materials were purchased and delivered and while a little pricey they’ll perfectly match the floors in the rest of the house.  Another room without that outdated and worn carpeting which leaves only one left to finish. Thank God!

I also continued and completed my review of the photographs taken during the last storm.  I was so happy to see how beautiful many of the snow scenes turned out. Between the better-half and I we have quite the collection of salable pictures.  I look forward to having a few enlarged to poster size for possible framing and eventual sale.

It appears we’re in for more snow later in the week.  This has been quite the Maine winter with a constant mix of weather hitting us on a regular basis.  During the last storm alone on one day it snowed in the early morning, then sleet, rain, more snow, more rain, and finally the addition fifteen additional inches of wet and heavy snow.  After all of that the temps were in the forties most of the day today which is just a little strange to say the least.

I’m sitting here enjoying the quiet before I head off to bed.  My normal habit of reading before bed isn’t getting the job done tonight.  I’ve been dealing with a half-assed bout with insomnia for the last few nights and there’s nothing worse than being unable to rest.  I’m hoping it will pass soon but I suspect that the lack of physical activity due to the weather is not helping.  I’m sure it will pass eventually but I’m really missing those good nights of eight hours of solid sleep and rest.

One more thing before I retire.  I’d like to collectively welcome and thank a few of the new followers to this blog who I hope will enjoy their future visits here. Check out their blogs and enjoy them as I do:   tokillahammingbird, domesticdiva, thebaggagehandler, artlesspoetry, charlottecarrendar, theevolutionofeloquence, livingwithadhd, and jaguarjill.