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02-03-2014 Journal Entry-2014 Sucks So Far!   Leave a comment

If you ever move to Maine one of your favorite words will soon become the word SUCK.  All forms of the word apply to so many things here you’re forced into learning how to use it properly. Follow along and learn just how versatile the word can be.

This  SUCKY Maine winter continues but unfortunately for me I seem to be caught in a bad SUCK cycle right now.  Did you ever have times where things start going wrong and just SUCK.  They say that bad things come in threes but I’m no longer a believer in that old wives tale. For me 2014 has started on an ominous note  where bad things came in groups or CLUSTER SUCKS.

My favorite computer on which I do all of my writing and photography has decided to start SUCKING.  It contains my life as it currently exists which goes to show how bad my life SUCKS as well. As sad as that sounds this computer never has issues because I’ve protected it from viruses, mal-ware, and anything else I could think of.  It’s been as reliable as any I’ve ever owned.  Then I made the mistake of permitting an update to install  from good old SUCKY Apple ITunes.  Now  I SUCK for being that stupid.  From that point on my computer’s registry was damaged causing lots of SUCKY error messages that I’ve been unsuccessful in fixing.  I’ve read everything and tried everything with no luck. I just wanted to scream but had no one to scream at.  That SUCKS!

My next adventure began soon after the SUCKING computer nightmare.  I was awakened two nights ago and my bedroom felt like the inside of a freezer. Someone who shall remain nameless and whose responsibility has always been keeping the house supplied with heating oil, dropped the ball.  No heating oil during a cold week in Maine in the middle of Winter is the definition of SUCKING. Fortunately we have an oil delivery company that was able to respond within 24 hours and refilled the tank.  For a change they didn’t SUCK. You’d think that our problems had been solved but not quite. When things begin to SUCK it then comes contagious.

It seems when a oil tank goes empty the new oil causes a vapor lock in the feeder line and won’t permit any to flow properly until the line has been cleared. That I’ve come to find out just SUCKS. In past years when this problem occurred it required an emergency service call that lasted only fifteen minutes and cost $150.00. That not only SUCKS but it’s also borderline extortion. The better-half and I immediately decided that we’d try to correct the problem ourselves this time around.  After calling on informational resources from SEMI-SUCKY friends and a few SUCKY YouTube videos, an hour and three hundred SUCKY curse words later we had our heat back on. Good news, right?  Not hardly.  That’s an hour of my life I can’t afford to lose and that SUCKS.

Two hours later on this calm Maine winter night with no wind gusts, no ice storms, no sleet or any other related weather issues we lost all of our electric power in the house for some unknown but SUCKY reason.  Since we live in an area where cell phones have difficulty receiving a signal we were stuck sitting in the dark and bitching to one another.  That made for a really SUCKY few minutes of conversation, for sure. It was a double SUCKING kick in the ass because we have a whole-house generator that should have kicked on immediately.  Guess what?  It didn’t freaking work and that SUCKED.

We’re now back and operational but who needs the constant stress of SUCKY crap like this? Now every time the wind blows I’ll be holding my breath waiting for the power to fail with no operating generator. That will definitely SUCK once again when that repair bill arrives. If this is any indication of how the remainder of 2014 is going to be, we are screwed.


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