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I seem to be stuck in an after Thanksgiving holiday slow-motion this morning. As previously predicted I spent most of yesterday decorating the tree and being a somewhat silent helper to my better-half’s decorating efforts.  Drink some wine, nob my head yes, drink some more wine, and nod my head yes again.  It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.  Most of my opinions are those head nods but I’ll stand up and be heard if she does sometime totally tasteless.  Of course that never ever happens, honest.  I have the blah’s today but this seems to occur every year around this time. I’ll eventually get a little excited about the holidays, but not too much. Christmas ceased being my favorite holiday the first year I got mostly clothes for gifts. It hasn’t felt the same since.

Growing up my folks weren’t well off and money was always an issue but regardless the gifts for us kids were always cool. My first double holstered cap pistols, my first grown up bicycle, and my first chemistry set.  One year my Mom painted my bedroom walls with planets and rocket ships because she knew way back then I was destined to be a science-fiction nerd.  Just so you know, she was right, I still am. A few years later I got an honest to God set of paints and brushes and made my first Christmas cards. They were highly praised by all of my overly kind and biased relatives.  Just so you know, hundreds of paintings, sculptures, collages, and sketches later, I’m still a happily and struggling artist.

It feels awfully good to reminisce and it helps put things back into their proper perspective as Christmas approaches.  I’d like to chat further but I just heard a very loud crash from outside.  It appears some NASCAR wannabe hit a sheet of ice on the road and is now sitting quietly in his car sitting in the woods across the road from my house. He appears uninjured but I’d better check.  HO! HO! HO!

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