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Back at the computer early today since I’ve many errands to run in anticipation of our journey to the great state of Maryland.  I need the car serviced and a good washing and vacuuming wouldn’t hurt much either.  I have to check in with the house sitters too and make sure they arrive on time.

I thought I’d give you an quick update on “the car in the woods” incident I mentioned yesterday.  I ran across across the road and found the car about fifteen feet into the trees and wedged between two of them.  It appeared the driver was crossing a sheet of ice when his passenger side tire slid off onto the berm.  As many people do he overcorrected to regain control, spun around and shot right back into the woods.  He was uninjured but really pissed off about the whole situation.  Damage to the car appeared minimal but he removed a few large pieces of bark from a tree or two with his side doors.  He was really lucky not to have been injured but he sure didn’t see it that way. 

My better-half and I finished decorating the house with her Christmas knick-knacks and paddy-wacks on every surface of every piece of furniture.  The tree looks nice after an hour or two of attempting to get the freaking lights operational.  Last year we decided to change over to the old, large, multicolor retro style lights.  They look absolutely gorgeous but I’d be afraid to use them on a live tree.  They throw off so much heat they’d dry a live tree out in no time.  Fortunately were went artificial on the tree a few years back. 

Christmas fever has consumed my better-half and she insists on taking me along for the ride.  As we were decorating I was strong-armed into watching five straight hours of Christmas movies. Argggg!  Who needs waterboarding? Sheer effing torture while she dances around the living room singing along with every tune.  I hope she purchased that noise cancelling headset I asked her for.  It’ll get more use than my car.

Well, I’m off to do my errands and maybe take a few photos along the way. Twenty-one days and counting.

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  1. Christmas will be over soon enough. As for car in the woods, that guy should be grateful he’s not injured or dead. Jeez. Craziness. There was ice? It’s been so warm here in NJ.

  2. Did those retro lights come with a Carbon Footprint disclosure? I’m surprised the Government hasn’t made us go to fluorescent bulbs for the Christmas tree. John, you really should be more enviromentally conscious.

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