12-04-2012   Leave a comment

We’re getting down to the wire with all of the preparations for our trip.  Now that we’re ready to go I just want to get going. I’ve always been a huge pain in the butt as so many family members have told me because I tend get a bit impatient and it makes me make them crazy. 

I’m wrapping the last of the gifts for my family members because I’d like to get them into the mail as soon as I can.  I don’t like waiting too long because my faith in the US Postal Service isn’t what it once was. 

There’s one thing that I do every year which makes a great gift for a few lucky family members. I started doing it three years ago and it might be something you’d like to try.  I’ve been ordering customized postage stamps through stamps.com.  You upload a photograph which they then print as stamps.  It’s pretty cool, really easy to do, and everyone seems to love them.  I’m not doing a promo or anything for them but I think it might be worth a quick look.

Today was a first for me.  I went shopping for baby clothes.  OMG who knew there were so many choices.  It was only recently I discovered what a onesy is.  Who knew?  It also appears that infants grow faster than the clothes you initially bought for them.  My better-half purchased a few outfits just after the grandson was born and he’s already out grown them and they’ve never been worn. His parents have been hinting about having another child within a year or two which makes regifting a real possibility.  I’ll just have to cross my fingers and hope they have another son and that the outfits we purchased haven’t gone out of style.

I just was thinking how much fun playing with, talking about, and buying clothes for babies can be when they’re not yours.  There’s a lot to be said for being a step-grandparent and being able to send them home with their parents after each  visit. I suspect that will change in the near future when we become the get-away spot for him when he gets pissed at his parents or vice versa.  Can’t wait.  My grand mother was that person for me when I was growing up so I can appreciate every little kid having a place to go for some hugs and kisses and no scolding.

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