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This may be the best Christmas morning I’ve ever had.  My better-half with help from my nagging stayed in bed until ten o’clock.  We left the bedroom only for calls from Mother Nature and to refill our coffee mugs.  We laid there like two fat, dumb, and happy morons celebrating the fact that the holiday was over for us. It was lightly snowing at the time but by days end we had our traditional White Christmas.  I think we could have stayed in that warm and toasty bed all day but my better-half had her engine running early and was getting a bit antsy.  She forced me from the bed and the room which kind of  “harshed my Christmas morning buzz” a bit.  Dammit!

For most of the day we were on the phones, on the computers, or on the IPads wishing good cheer to the whole damn planet.  She spent a few hours reviewing all of the photographs that she’d taken over the holiday (about 600), erasing the bad, and burning the good to CD’s for other family members. It was still a lazy and relaxing day, it was great.

It took me a little longer than I thought to clear the Christmas debris from the house because I was busy eating goodies left over from last night.  I’ll tell you right now, it’s going to take me a few months to get rid of all this Christmas cheer that showed up just north of my belt buckle. We had a quiet dinner, just the two of us, where we devoured a rib roast that was to die for.  Fat and sassy after the meal we repaired to the living room for movie night. 

Here’s my take on the movies we watched.  Katherine Heigl in ‘One for the Money’ wasn’t too shabby.  She was supposed to be a bounty hunter which took a real stretch of my imagination to believe but then seeing her semi-nude made it almost worth the wait.  I give it a C+ for story, B- for nudity. 

Then we fired up the movie (using the term loosely) ‘Horrible Bosses’.  It was well named because it was really horrible.  How anyone convinced Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Anniston to even consider being in it was beyond me. Dumb, and Dumber meets Police Squad.  I give it an F- for story and an A- for nudity when I got to see a little more of brunette Jen than ever before. Trust me, if anyone tries to give you a gift of that movie, give it back, and remove them from your list of friends.  Just freaking awful.

The better-half was in bed early with a 4:00 am wakeup call looming.  I found it necessary to stay up for a while longer and to kick Tiger Woods ass in an eighteen hole X-box tournament.  It felt good to crawl into bed finally and to put another Christmas behind us.

Onward to New Years and 2013.

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