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With New Years Eve on the horizon a decision has to be made as to how we’ll be celebrating it.  The days of drunken carousing have long since passed for us both but those their memories are still nice to have.  Each year I scratch my head about what we should do and then we end up procrastinating and doing nothing at all.  Over the next few days I’m sure to have a discussion or two with my better-half on what she thinks we should do.  I’m already preparing myself for that discussion by gathering information to help my cause. 

I’m going to argue as eloquently as I can that dinner, a couple of chick flicks, and a visit from her daughter and grandson isn’t going to get it done this year.  I’d like to have a few friends over for drinks, food, games, movies, or whatever.  If they drink too much we’ll turn the house into a B & B for the night and I’ll cook breakfast for the survivors in the morning. The chances of getting my way are about 60/40 if I’m lucky.

We have a few days left before the big day so I’ll have to be my sneaky self and start planning my secret mission.  Subtle hints about not being alone for New Years.  Casual questions about how some of our friends are celebrating the holiday and a few “Oh, that sounds so boring, I feel bad for them”.  More subtle questions about how lonely some of our friends will be with their children off celebrating elsewhere.  I’ll drop a few coupons around the house from the Party Place filled with money-saving offers for stupid party hats and noise makers.  Then I’ll dig into my bag of fireworks hidden on the porch and leave a few laying around where they’ll be noticed.  Then I’ll let all of those things start to mix and mingle in her pretty little head and Ta Da . . . .  we’ll have a New Years party and it’ll be her idea.

Pretty damn cool if I do say so myself.  I’m sure she won’t be able to resist coupons.  She’s a grade A shopaholic with a serious need to use every coupon she ever sees.  It’s like hooking a big fish and then just reeling it in.  I have a hidden stash of coupons for all occasions and places and I’m telling you they’ll accomplish more for me than they’d ever do for her. Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky!

The campaign begins this afternoon when she arrives home from work.  I’ll be sure to report the results.

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  1. Don’t forget the snow shovels for your guests!

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