12-27-2012   2 comments

Reality decided to return today and help me rid myself of all remaining holiday cheer.  I just returned to the house after attempting to snow-blow approximately 10 inches of snow off the damn driveway.  Being the smart fellow I thought I was, I bought a new snow blower two months ago.  Mother Nature can’t get me this year! No sir!  Why am I never right about these things.

I fired up the snow blower, pushed it out into the snow, plowed about ten feet and saw that my left tire was flat.  I hadn’t touched the damn thing since it was delivered from Lowes and never thought to check the tires.  There’s no doubt I’m going to pay for that bit of negligence.  First thing, I’m going back out and try to use the snow blower even though one tire won’t cooperate.  I shall return . . . .

Well that wasn’t much fun.  Not being well versed in using a snow blower with two wheels it took a while for me to get the hang of operating it with just one.  Unfortunately as I made my first turn through the snow I forgot to disengage the thrower.  I shot about 200 lbs of snow directly into my garage onto my car.  Lesson #1 was check the damn tires.  Lesson #2 was close the damn garage door when your outside  playing with the snow blower. I don’t think I’ll be able to use the snow blower again with just the one tire, it’s too difficult.  It’s still snowing like hell and I’m going to be forced to dig out the old trusty snow shovel to do the rest of this.  Let me tell you that just sucks.  Back outside one more time . . . .

Well I was able to clean up the driveway a bit more but at the rate it’s snowing I’ll out there a few more times before morning.  This is what I get for wishing for a White Christmas.  I really hoped I’d never be forced to unretire that snow shovel.  Karma, thou art a vicious bitch.

The final report shows 16 inches of snow, two sore arms, two sore legs, one sore back, and one flat tire. Just great, right?

2 responses to “12-27-2012

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  1. Won’t Lowes send someone out to fix the Tire??? I thought you knew someone in management their!

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