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02-05-2015 Journal – Snowy Storm & Laxatives!   Leave a comment

It’s Thursday morning and I’ve just arrived home from the hospital. My hopes for a clean report on my colonoscopy are again disappointing.  After a thorough scoping by a very competent doctor he found  one stinking polyp. It was too large to burn off so he snipped a chunk from it for further testing.  He assured me that 90% of all these polyps are normally benign. So for now I’ll be forced to go with that all the while keeping my fingers crossed.


‘Yuck + Yuck + Yuck = My Night’

You should know that the 36 hours before the colonoscopy were absolute hell. I’ve been through a number of colonoscopy cleansings and as this one began I was happy at just how easy it seemed to be going.  The laxative pills were small and harmless looking, the Gatorade didn’t taste too bad, and the laxative powder that went into the Gatorade looked innocent enough.  Will I never learn.

I began by taking two pills and then drinking four classes of the laxative laced Gatorade every 30 minutes.  I took a break and drink just plain water for an hour and then drank another glass full every half-hour until it was all gone. At 10 pm I was to take two more pills, drink a few more glasses of water and wait.  Let me tell you a little secret,  I didn’t have to wait very long. 

Just after I went to bed all hell broke loose in my body. It was back and forth to the bathroom with each trip becoming more urgent than the last.  I won’t try to describe the nastiness that occurred between  two and three in the morning. All I’ll say is that at 2 am I was forced into taking an emergency shower, then forced to mop the bathroom floor, and later to strip my bed and do an emergency load of laundry.  It was ugly, nasty, humiliating, and unforgettable.

With the results from todays explorations I’m to remain in the five year rotation for future colonoscopies. It seems those folks in my gene pool passed along some of their more depressing traits to yours truly. The story of my effing life.

‘’DSC_0008’Looking Out the Front Window Today’

I’ve just had my first solid food in the last forty-eight hours and it was fantastic.  I’ve been ordered to take it easy for the rest of the day and to get some well needed nap time. There’s really nothing much more to blog about today except for the damn snow storm raging outside my window.  I’ll hibernate for the remainder of the  week and hopefully get things back to normal by the weekend. 

I’m sure glad this is over with.

11-27-2014 Journal – Happy Thanksgiving!   Leave a comment

It seems to me that 2014 has come and gone in the blink of an eye.  It was a busy year which probably accounts for that.  It’s Thanksgiving morning and I’m relaxing with a coffee and donut supplied by my better-half who was the early riser this morning.  It’s been quite some time since we’ve had a snow storm on Thanksgiving and I’m looking out the window at a winter wonderland.  I can’t believe she was up and out so early in this weather.  It’s one of those special holiday miracles I guess.

I spent time yesterday as the snow was accumulating trying to keep the driveway passable.  The snowblower was unveiled and got it’s first use this season and so did my back and arms.  I’m more than a little stiff today but that’s par for the course here in Maine.

The final snow numbers indicate between ten and twelve inches with most of the area suffering from downed tree limbs and power outages.  I’m not sure how we missed out on the loss of power but for a change we made it through the storm with only a few momentary lapses.  We have our issues with this snow and as you see so do the birds.  They’re scratching their way to the food as best they can.  



The sun is shining and is being reflected off the snow and it’s amazing.  I can’t wait to get dressed and get out with my camera.  Everywhere you look there are beautiful pictures to be taken and I’m going to get my fair share.


I’d also like to send out a special thank you to the Saco town snowplow operator responsible for destroying my new mailbox during the first effing snow storm of the season.  I wish I knew who he was and where he lives.  I might just do a drive-by on his mailbox with a baseball bat. Freaking A-hole!!

For the first time in a while our Thanksgiving dinner will be just for two.  All of our family and friends are scattered about the country celebrating their holiday. We’ll have our meal this afternoon and be thankful for our good health and the blessing of a quiet day to properly enjoy it.

I do love the snow and I’m sure we’ll be seeing much more before this winter is over.  I hope you and yours are enjoying this holiday and appreciate your lives together.  Now we can rush headlong into the Christmas season and then the welcoming of 2015.

11-15-2014 Journal – The Birthday Celebration!   Leave a comment

The big day has finally arrived and now my better-half is one year older.  I’ve never been one to celebrate my own birthdays but for her I can make an exception. We started the day off perfectly when we looked out the window of our bedroom to see the first snow fall of the year.  We’d had a flurry or two a week ago but this snow covered everything just like it should and as you can see.



She was on a day-off which allowed us to be bed buddies for an hour or so.  I brought her some excellent coffee and we relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed the moment. Much to her surprise I’d hidden a birthday gift or two in the closet and brought them out.  Our normal routine has always been to open gifts at the end of the day but I wanted to change things up a little.  She opened her gifts and read her cards (one funny and one mushy) and we planned the remainder of our day.

It wasn’t long before we were in the car and on our way to Lowe’s.  What better way to start her birthday than with a snow storm and a flu shot.  That little chore took five minutes and we were headed out to Portland for a day of walking around, people watching, and shopping. 



You’ve got to love shopping in Portland. Let’s see if you can guess what state your in by the merchandise they have available for sale.





We made a few purchases and hallelujah, a birthday miracle, the sun came out and the skies cleared.  It was still cold as hell but it was turning into a perfect Maine winter day. We were thoroughly enjoying the day and decided to stop at a little out of the way tavern for a quick drink and some French fries.  They also have this great fish tank.


It was while we were there that she contacted some friends who we socialize with occasionally and agreed to meet later for drinks.  We left Portland and made our way to my favorite coffee spot located inside the Maine Mall.  I ordered us both some excellent Ethiopian coffee and we split one of their triple berry yogurt muffins,  It was incredible.


We had our dinner at the nearby Sebago Brewery which while being a small brewery is also a restaurant and bar and usually packed with people.  A Friday nite at this place is a freaking zoo and we were dropped right in the middle of it.  We finished our meal and a short time later our friends arrived  and the birthday celebration continued.  Her day was filled with emails, messages, and the dozen or so tweets she posted on Twitter. She also received calls from her children, siblings, and other friends.  She  was in heaven.

We returned home at a reasonable hour, fell into bed and relaxed.  That’s when I brought out her quad-chocolate layer cake. She blew out her candles, made her magical wish, cut us two slices, and we pigged out a little.  What better way to finish our day right where it all started. More laughing and enjoying each other’s company and then to sleep. Isn’t that what it’s all about after all.

Happy Birthday Lovey!

12-26-2013. Journal Entry – The After Christmas Blah’s   2 comments

We’ve spent most of the last two months preparing for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Since it was the first holiday season where the grandson was aware of what was going on, we went a little overboard with gifts and preparations.

On top of all of that my fiasco with this broken leg made everything that much more difficult and put more pressure on my better-half. We survived the insanity we created but just barely.  I’m really hoping that next year we can learn from our mistakes and move forward just a little bit smarter. It’s hard not getting caught up in the excitement caused by having a young child in the mix because the holidays are more for him than the rest of us.

The let down with Christmas being over is unbelievable. The better-half has fallen into a post Christmas comma. She’s been sleeping for most of the day today just trying to rest and regain some normalcy.  I haven’t done much better myself. I’m slowly recovering but I’m like a effing zombie today.  I’m drinking a lot of coffee because my energy level is non-existent and all of my motivation to do anything else has evaporated.

We have New Year’s coming soon and thank God we don’t celebrate that holiday like these others. Two of our Christmas guests are now enroute to the Big Apple for the ultimate Times Square New Year’s Eve experience. They must be out of there freaking minds. My better half and I both get claustrophobic in a room with no more than 10 people, I can’t imagine rubbing elbows with millions of people in Times Square. That would scare the bejesus out of us both.

I’m hoping that our quiet time will continue for at least two more days where we can kick back, relax and enjoy the snowy scenery.  I haven’t mentioned but we received another 4 1/2 inches of snow over the last 24 hours. It’s one of the times every winter that I enjoy the most, having a cover of fresh white snow over all the slush and dirt. These pictures were taken earlier this morning and you can see what I’m talking about.



It’s about time for me to put this computer to bed so I can get  to what I’m really thinking about doing today, a long, warm and quiet nap. I’ll worry about New Year’s when it gets here.


03-17-2013   2 comments

More good news today.  After an entire week of forty-five degree sunny days, we have another effing snow storm working it’s way here from wherever the hell they come from. Once again we’re to be buried in more than a foot of snow.  There goes that good old Spring Fever feeling right out the bloody window.

Today is sunny and wickedly cold but I’ll deal with the cold to have this much sunshine.  It’s amazing what energy a little sunshine can create to help motivate me.  I’m doing a small amount of work on the remodel this morning but nothing too strenuous. After all it’s Sunday and that supposed to be a day of rest, right?

Since it’s a lazy day for me I’m determined to do a few things that I’ve been procrastinating about for weeks.  I spent some time cleaning my camera and lenses.  Removing the silicon skin used for protection against my clumsiness is a pain but the camera needs a thorough cleaning.  It’s something I should be doing on a regular basis but for some reason I never seem to make the time to do it.

Next is my work shop.  It’s a freaking disaster area and while I might make some progress in cleaning it today, it’s going to take many more days before it’s anywhere near clean and functional enough.  What I really need is a huge dump truck, a five gallon can of gas, and a pack of matches. Nothing says cleanup like a raging bonfire.  I’ve promised myself that fifteen minutes after the last of the snow has melted there’ll be a huge bonfire and I’ll be feeding it until the workshop is emptied of trash and old wood scraps.

This snow storm is really screwing not only with my head but my Spring schedule.  Mother Nature truly is a "heartless bitch".  Our Spring and Summer seasons here in Maine aren’t very long as it is but these late snow storms are just salt in the wounds.  I guess I’m becoming something of a whiny little bitch so I’ll shut and get on with things.  Thank God It’s only a few stupid chores that are irritating me.  I mean it could be much much worse. I could be returning to the workforce, right Lily?

It’s time for me to get to moving, stop complaining, and become a useful citizen once again.  I hate that.

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02-08-2013   2 comments

This posting was written about my activities yesterday but I‘m was late getting it posted due to todays activities.  More information tomorrow about that but today we have 33 inches on the ground as of noon with another 6-8 expected before this mother of a storm winds down. Back to yesterday.

* * *

Well we’re fully prepared for this storm or I  hope we are.  We’ve got six inches on the ground with a lot more to come. My better-half decided we needed to run out for a few things before it got too much worse.  I can’t believe I agreed to it but I did.

Traffic is still pretty heavy with people shopping for a few last minute necessities.  The shelves of the store looked like a gang of barbarians were shopping there. I was looking for guava and papaya and even that was almost sold out.  I guess the first thing you go for before a huge snow storm are cans of tropical fruit.  The place was packed with people buying all the bread, milk, and toilet paper the media has been telling them they need.

I mistakenly thought by buying only four items I could run in and right back out.  Who’s the moron now? That would be me of course.  I was twenty-first in line at the 20 items or less register.  I had to wait an additional twenty minutes while the twenty people ahead of me with their filled carts checked out.  Thank God I’m a calm person and not some pissed off crazed postal worker.  It could have been really ugly.

Well, we’re back home now without incident and the snow is picking up somewhat.  The better-half is dealing with the storm like she does with everything else, she’s baking cookies.  I have no idea why and I’m certainly not going to ask.  I can’t say too much to her since I’m in the process of preparing my ingredients to make a tropical salsa which should look pretty, taste wonderful, and have enough heat to get your attention. 

It’s later now and I just returned from my third snow-blowing effort to keep the driveway as clear as possible.  Each time I’ve removed four or five inches of snow and I’m hoping against hope that we don’t get buried with what’s coming later tonight and early tomorrow morning.  The wind is picking up and it’s too cold to stay out for too long.  I’ll make one more pass at eleven and I’ll be off off to bed.

Tomorrow morning will be interesting.  The neighborhood hasn’t lost power so that’s a plus. Now I can catch a few hours of sleep and dream about snow.

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12-27-2012   2 comments

Reality decided to return today and help me rid myself of all remaining holiday cheer.  I just returned to the house after attempting to snow-blow approximately 10 inches of snow off the damn driveway.  Being the smart fellow I thought I was, I bought a new snow blower two months ago.  Mother Nature can’t get me this year! No sir!  Why am I never right about these things.

I fired up the snow blower, pushed it out into the snow, plowed about ten feet and saw that my left tire was flat.  I hadn’t touched the damn thing since it was delivered from Lowes and never thought to check the tires.  There’s no doubt I’m going to pay for that bit of negligence.  First thing, I’m going back out and try to use the snow blower even though one tire won’t cooperate.  I shall return . . . .

Well that wasn’t much fun.  Not being well versed in using a snow blower with two wheels it took a while for me to get the hang of operating it with just one.  Unfortunately as I made my first turn through the snow I forgot to disengage the thrower.  I shot about 200 lbs of snow directly into my garage onto my car.  Lesson #1 was check the damn tires.  Lesson #2 was close the damn garage door when your outside  playing with the snow blower. I don’t think I’ll be able to use the snow blower again with just the one tire, it’s too difficult.  It’s still snowing like hell and I’m going to be forced to dig out the old trusty snow shovel to do the rest of this.  Let me tell you that just sucks.  Back outside one more time . . . .

Well I was able to clean up the driveway a bit more but at the rate it’s snowing I’ll out there a few more times before morning.  This is what I get for wishing for a White Christmas.  I really hoped I’d never be forced to unretire that snow shovel.  Karma, thou art a vicious bitch.

The final report shows 16 inches of snow, two sore arms, two sore legs, one sore back, and one flat tire. Just great, right?

11-08-2012   2 comments

It looks like this is going to be another day of surprises for me. I woke up bright and early this morning and stumbled from the bedroom barely conscious. The house was chilly, the cat was hungry, and my kidneys were screaming. Being the organized guy that I am I immediately prioritized. I turned up the thermostat, kicked the cat out of the way, and headed for my favorite room of the house. It was still dark as hell but as I walked past our large picture window I couldn’t have been more surprised. Four inches of freaking snow piled up on the deck and everywhere else. It’s what I get for not paying attention to the weather forecasts over the last few days. These inconvenient and  inevitable weather changes are a pain in the ass but we must roll with the punches. My immediate response to the snow was to get a cup of coffee and make a beeline for my nice warm and toasty bed. I did  feed the cat on the way only because I knew he’d nag me to death to get fed if I didn’t.

I slide back under the covers, turned on the TV and guess what, no satellite signal. I can’t ever seem to get a damn break. We hadn’t lost power, thank God,  but looking out the window I could see a shimmer of sleet and immediately  knew why the signal had been lost.  Effing ice build up on the dish requiring my personal touch.  I sat for a moment hoping against hope the damn thing will recover on it’s own.  Fat chance. I was being forced to leave my warm snuggly bed to venture out into the cold cruel storm. I threw on a robe, grabbed a broom, and made my way to the door. Shit!

You must realize I’m an accident waiting to happen when there’s snow or ice anywhere nearby. I’ve fallen so many times in my life it’s ridiculous. In the last twenty years I’ve fractured my knee, thrown out my back, and fell to the driveway directly on top of my hand breaking my little finger. With a record like that it’s no wonder I’m extra careful at all times. I got to the door with my broom and unfortunately for me the only pair of available shoes were a pair of Crocs made for summer beach wear. Being a good soldier I put my bare feet into those stupid Crocs, opened the door and stepped out into the snow. Believe me when I tell you it was freaking cold. I only took a few steps before balance became an immediate issue but thank God for the broom. That stupid broom turned from a cleaning device to a walking stick and saved my ass from a tumble.  I knocked the snow and ice from the satellite dish and safely returned to the house. I was really proud of myself for avoiding an injury but I’ve got to remember not to get too cocky. This was just the first in any number of snow storms and we have four more months of winter before I’ll feel safe again.

I love Winter and the change of seasons but these are perilous times for me and all of the other really clumsy people out there.

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