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The Christmas/New Year’s holidays are now passed and are slowly being erased from my memories or so I’d hoped.  Only 363 shopping days left until Christmas.  How’s that for a “buzz kill”. I spent a great part of the day today removing all traces of Christmas cheer from our home.  I took down the lights, the tree, the ornaments, the knick-knacks, and anything else I could think of.  Packaged them all up and hid them away in the attic for another year.  I shouldn’t be too negative about these holidays since it was one of the better holiday seasons I’ve had in recent years. 

I’ve now experienced my first holidays without both of my parents which was certainly a struggle at times.  I spent a lot of time remembering my childhood Christmases and all the good times we had. My Mom loved Christmas most of all and always did everything in her power to make it special. Just after last Christmas and as her health began to fail, it was painfully obvious to those closest to her that she knew it would be her final Christmas.  With the help of my sister she insisted on keeping the Christmas tree up well into April.  She was enjoying her Christmas memories for the final time.

After finishing the general Christmas cleanup I decided to begin enjoying one of my favorite gifts, the extended Blue-ray DVD set of the Lord of the Rings.  It’s 15 DVD’s just filled with more information that you can possibly handle.  I lounged most of the day away suffering quietly from a minor hangover and watching the movies.  I made it a full five hours and have only just finished watching the second installment.  Best gift ever! I lost myself in Middle Earth for the day and it was wonderful.

My better-half returns to work tomorrow and she’s been mumbling and grumbling about it all day.  I tried to make her feel better but to no avail.  I did get a smirk or two when I mentioned in passing we were only 31 days from Ground Hog Day.  It really didn’t seem to give her the boost I’d hoped but I’ll keep trying.

Off to bed for a good nights sleep then back to our somewhat normal existence tomorrow.      

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  1. Next Christmas is going to be Great,,,you’ll see just wait!

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