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Happy New Year everyone.  My best laid plans for our New Years celebration was only semi-successful.  We had a few friends over early in the evening for drinks and few yucks.  They had children at home looking to celebrate the New Year and needed to be there to supervise, so they left a little early. It was nice for a couple of hours to kick back and relax with some friendly faces.  The get-together broke up early and my better-half immediately reheated the Chinese food she’d obtained earlier in the day and as always it was yummy and really filling.

I never planned on staying awake for the standard TV celebrations but my better-half insisted she was going to bring the New Year in properly by watching the ball drop with her favorite male fantasy figure, Ryan Seacrest.  I retired to the bedroom to continue my readings on Harry Potter.  I just finished book #6 and I was really getting excited about finishing the final volume over the next week or so.  The story has slowly evolved from a kid’s story into a rather interesting novel.  I’m glad I decided to hang in there and read them all.

It was 10:00 pm and I was really getting into the book when my half asleep better-half stumbled into the room, jumped into bed, and mumbled something about waking up just before midnight.  I knew she was just kidding herself but I played along.  It was lights out at 10:30 and no one woke up for the ball drop (sorry Ryan).  We both slept straight through the night and wished each other a happy New Year around eight the next morning.  I don’t care what anyone says, it was an excellent way to celebrate the end of 2012.

After a nice breakfast of twice reheated Chinese food with an egg on top we grabbed our cameras and hit the road.  We had quite a lot of snow on the roads but we decided to explore some of the more rural areas looking for those elusive Kodak moments.  It was cold and crisp and some of the snow scenes we shot were spectacular.  Horse farms with horses in the snow, giant pine trees nearly bent over with the snow on their branches.  This was the perfect way to spend a New Years Day.

After fifty or sixty miles and over a hundred photos later we returned home to get warm and to prepare a luscious pork roast dinner with sides of sauerkraut and mashed potatoes.  We ended the day snuggled up on the couch watching a movie and looking at the days photo’s.  Pretty damn nice if I do say so myself. 

I can only hope that all of you enjoyed your day half as much as we enjoyed ours.  Bring on 2013.

4 responses to “01-01-2013

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  1. Happy new year to you too, and all the best!

  2. Well at least you didn’t go over the fiscal cliff and our fearless leader saved the country from certain doom!

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