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Another day spent dealing with snow.  Me and my best friend, my new snow thrower, spent some quality time together this morning trying to keep up with a minor snow storm that dumped another four inches of snow on us.  I can’t begin to tell you what a great purchase that snow thrower was for me.  I was initially telling everyone that if I bought one it might never snow again. As usual my cynical side got the best of me.  It’s only the middle of January and I’ve already used it three times and I’m sure there’s more coming.

My better-half is off today and it’s been "task" day for her and by association also for me. Clean this, dust that, pick up those, and on and on it goes.  At least in the summer I can escape from these kind of days by taking my camera and disappearing, with her or without her.  This snow just complicates matters making disappearing much more difficult.  Thankfully our home is large enough where I can actually disappear for short periods and she can’t seem to find me.

After her frenzy of cleaning we made our obligatory visit to the local Walmart. It’s always a fun place to visit when you just want to get out of the house before you scream out loud.  Walmart never disappoints no matter when you visit. 

We got to the parking lot and between the piles of snow and the puddles of melting snow it was a real mess.  I took maybe ten steps from my car and found my first Walmart surprise of the day, a wadded up pair of what appeared to be well worn panty hose just lying there looking up at me. I normally see something like that and then try to imagine under what circumstances someone either throws away or drops their panty hose in a Walmart parking lot. Did some careless woman open her purse to put her panties back on and drop her panty hose.  Maybe it was a couple of Walmart associates taking their mid-day break for a quickie in the car. Maybe it was a couple of extremely horny customers who just had to take a jump in the Walmart lot so they could brag to their friends about it.  The possibilities are endless but also quite entertaining.

As I entered the store the greeter as always woke up just long enough to hand me a flyer of some sort and then nodded off again.  He was a fine looking specimen who was probably seventy years old but looked a hundred. The place was packed as usual with quite the assortment of customers who always seem to be clogging the specific aisle where I’m shopping. I tried to cut down a side aisle to avoid some of them and nearly tripped over some mid-twenties woman sitting on the floor with all her belongings strewn around her reading a freaking magazine.  She gave me that look like I was the person doing something wrong.  Being the calm and relaxed person that I am I politely asked in my best Walmart voice "Are you sure you have enough room?" I hate when people attempt to ignore me as she tried to do so I continued with "Could you please more your ass so I can get by?" Again I got “the look” but she finally gathered her possessions and moved along. She left the magazine lying on the floor because God forbid she might have strained something important putting it back in the rack. 

I saw her later loitering around in the Dunkin Donuts where she was huddled having a heavy duty conversation with a few of her freaky, pierced, and filthy friends.  They were discussing the issues of the day concerning the real differences between having an actual Dunkin Donuts mug versus using the environmentally damaging Styrofoam. I again received "the look" as she whispered to her group to tell them what an asshole I was. I immediately got another look from all of them as a group which made me want to take a bow, but I didn’t.

In the back of my mind I was thinking the whole time that just maybe she was the owner of those wadded up panty hose and finding them was a karmic warning for me. Oh well, another minor annoyance sponsored by my local Walmart.

“Life is Good”, or so said on some A-hole’s T-shirt at the pharmacy.  I hate being negative but in groups of more than two most people suck.

A beautiful day in the neighborhood.

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