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Nemo is dead, long live the king.  The final tally for our area of Maine was approximately 38 inches of snow and one hell of a wind storm. We have a few drifts of five or six feet but nothing more serious than that. It could have been a whole lot worse.

After all of the snow-blowing today I won’t be able to left my arms tomorrow. I think I’ve finally bonded with this new snow-thrower, it’s now my BFF.  It took a good part of the day to clear the driveway and then more disappointment. There was so much snow on the roads that the plows weren’t able to arrive until late afternoon. Even then they were only able to  clear one lane in the middle of the road.

I’m hoping they’re able to widen the lanes a little more so we an get out of here for a while tomorrow. Even the birds were having serious issues trying to hang onto the bird feeder in a thirty-five mph wind.  Not only were they fighting amongst themselves for the food but also fighting  for a place on the bird feeder that offered some protection from the wind.

Our neighbors were out in force in mid-afternoon as the snow gradually stopped.  It was nice to see everyone helping each other for a change in a neighborhood where individual privacy is the norm.

My better-half spent a lot of time emailing and connecting with family members from areas unaffected by the storm. She was also distributing photo’s far and wide to almost everyone.  I feel for anyone who might have been caught in this blizzard with vehicle problems or medical emergencies. This kind of weather is definitely life threatening if not taken seriously.

The only good news for most of the state was the low number of power outages.  We managed to escape the massive outages  suffered in past storms due to a great deal of work by tree trimming crews throughout the summer months who cut down what would have been snow laden branches. Kudos to Central Maine Power and the local towns whose preventative work paid off in a big way.

I’ll be spending a few hours tomorrow in the final cleanup and then life will return to normal.  I’m been hearing rumblings of another storm approaching in a few days and I hope to God it’s a little less of a problem than this one.

Everyone will be back to work tomorrow and life goes on. I’m really proud of myself because if what the media says is true (sarcasm), I’ve just survived my thirteenth "Storm of the Century".  I think I should get some kind of honorable mention somewhere in that Guinness Book of World Records.

I won’t hold my breath though.  Enjoy your day while I return to the cleanup.

2 responses to “02-09-2013

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  1. 38″ of anything can’t be good, even in Maine!

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