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This posting was written about my activities yesterday but I‘m was late getting it posted due to todays activities.  More information tomorrow about that but today we have 33 inches on the ground as of noon with another 6-8 expected before this mother of a storm winds down. Back to yesterday.

* * *

Well we’re fully prepared for this storm or I  hope we are.  We’ve got six inches on the ground with a lot more to come. My better-half decided we needed to run out for a few things before it got too much worse.  I can’t believe I agreed to it but I did.

Traffic is still pretty heavy with people shopping for a few last minute necessities.  The shelves of the store looked like a gang of barbarians were shopping there. I was looking for guava and papaya and even that was almost sold out.  I guess the first thing you go for before a huge snow storm are cans of tropical fruit.  The place was packed with people buying all the bread, milk, and toilet paper the media has been telling them they need.

I mistakenly thought by buying only four items I could run in and right back out.  Who’s the moron now? That would be me of course.  I was twenty-first in line at the 20 items or less register.  I had to wait an additional twenty minutes while the twenty people ahead of me with their filled carts checked out.  Thank God I’m a calm person and not some pissed off crazed postal worker.  It could have been really ugly.

Well, we’re back home now without incident and the snow is picking up somewhat.  The better-half is dealing with the storm like she does with everything else, she’s baking cookies.  I have no idea why and I’m certainly not going to ask.  I can’t say too much to her since I’m in the process of preparing my ingredients to make a tropical salsa which should look pretty, taste wonderful, and have enough heat to get your attention. 

It’s later now and I just returned from my third snow-blowing effort to keep the driveway as clear as possible.  Each time I’ve removed four or five inches of snow and I’m hoping against hope that we don’t get buried with what’s coming later tonight and early tomorrow morning.  The wind is picking up and it’s too cold to stay out for too long.  I’ll make one more pass at eleven and I’ll be off off to bed.

Tomorrow morning will be interesting.  The neighborhood hasn’t lost power so that’s a plus. Now I can catch a few hours of sleep and dream about snow.

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  1. Your better half says she ran the snow blower and sent pics to prove it!

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