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As winter continues I always find myself looking forward to summer and spending time at the beach.  It’s also impossible for me to accurately guess what kind of beachwear I’ll be seeing this year.  More thongs to be sure and bikinis with as much material as a man’s handkerchief (I hope).  It seems from my past experiences that the younger the women are the less clothes they are likely to wear. I’m all for showing a reasonable amount of skin but at a certain point it begins to lose it’s allure for me.  There’s a fine line between sexy and slutty and for me near naked is much sexier than almost naked.

Coming of age in the sixties and seventies might make you think I’m a child of the free love generation.  It’s not true at all.  I do still harken back to bare feet, long flowing hair, and a full length light cotton dress (sans panties) but other things work for me as well.  I’ve always been a big fan of the woman who can dress herself and be sexy without having all of her more interesting parts hanging out in the wind.  I just love to be tantalized as part of the foreplay to really get me interested.  An ankle peeking from beneath a long dress can be just as sexy as a low cut top or a super short skirt.

I’ve always been a fan of the Victorian times where people appeared to be a bit stuffy and non-sexual in their dress and comportment but once they entered the bedroom they dropped the goody-goody routine altogether.  The women wore their hair long but rolled tightly in a bun and in the bedroom the bun was unrolled, the many articles of clothing were throw about the room, and the real fun could begin. It took more than a few minutes I’m sure to get them out of all the petticoats, slips, corsets, and high button shoes but in the end it was all good.

I was recently reading a few writings by Gwen Raverat (1885-1957), the granddaughter of Charles Darwin, who described sharing a room with a young lady in her younger years who was wearing the following listed undergarments.  Just imagine yourself as a Victorian gentleman with sex on his mind trying to work his way through this outfit to get to the Promised Land.

1. Thick, long legged, long sleeved woolen combinations
2. Over them, white cotton combinations (this is a chemise and drawers combined into one garment), with plenty of buttons and frills
3. Very serious, bony gray stays, with suspenders
4. Black woolen stockings
5. White cotton drawers, with buttons and frills
6. White cotton "petticoat-bodice", with embroidery, buttons and frills
7. Rather short, white flannel petticoat
8. Long alpaca petticoat, with a flounce round the bottom
9. Pink flannel blouse

That wardrobe would take me at least an hour to work my way through. Hopefully I’d have enough strength and stamina left to finish the job after all that undressing.  Those Victorian guys must have been incredibly persistent with the sex drive of Superman.

It doesn’t change anything for me though, I still find Victorian ladies sexy as hell but I would never discriminate against our modern women. I’ll also make this promise.  I solemnly pledge to give the women of our younger generations  my full attention and respect  this summer as they prance along the beach wearing not much more than an attitude and a smile.  It’s the courteous thing to do and I’m nothing if not courteous.

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