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Have you ever had an identity crisis?  Do you really understand what the term means?  I thought I did but as often happens I really had only a general idea and never looked at the dirty little details.

As  a young child we have an identity but it’s really just a  temporary one until we’ve reached an age where real decisions about our future can be made without the undue influences of family.  My father wanted me to be a jock at first.  He was an outstanding athlete in school and always hoped I could excel as he did.  I didn’t.  I liked playing baseball but for me most of the other sports were a distraction from my real passion for fine art and commercial art.  My first major identity issue occurred when I realized I didn’t want to be what he wanted me to be. I was just a kid who was afraid to speak out so instead I acted out.  It was my way of saying, I don’t want to be a jock, I really don’t like playing football and basketball, I can do it if I want to but I don’t want to.  It took him years to get over my actions but it had to happen eventually as it does with everyone and their parents.

We go through many of these identity issues during and after high school.  Do I want to go to college?  Do I want to be a part of a religious organization? Do I want to be married? What kind of job do I want?  Do I want to have kids? It’s no wonder we have so many issues with family and friends as they try to push us in one direction or another.  The real problem comes after you’ve made these life decisions for yourself and then find out you’ve made a terrible mistake.  To me that’s a real ‘identity crisis’ and the others are just normal growing up things we all must deal with.

I’m writing about this topic in a semi-serious manner and don’t want to get bogged down and depressed by it.  I’ve grown up and survived all of the decisions I’ve made.  Some were good, some not so good, but that’s life in a nut shell. I’ve had my mid-life crisis, been divorced, been happy, been miserable, and survived them all just as you all will.

I  took early retirement a few years ago and now I’m again faced with a new question.  Who am I now?  I sat down to think over a few things and suddenly realized that a person’s name and nicknames help them to find and maintain their  identity.  If Sean Combs can reinvent himself at a whim from P-Diddy to Puff Daddy then why can’t I do the same. 

As always the web has the answers.  I found these two web sites which are really helping me and my better-half to re-identifying ourselves.  Check them out if you want a cool nickname or two.


Here are a few of the selections we  must choose from:




Our Goth Names:  ADARE – DE DEMI

Our Mobster Names:  Lucia – ROCCO


It’s obvious we have some serious decisions to make.  Who do we want to be now?  I’m leaning towards my vampire identity since that seems to be the current trend but my better-half is looking hard at the pop star identity. This could take forever.

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  1. While searching for your identity, give me a shout if you stumble across mine!

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