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08/29/2022 SILLINESS   Leave a comment

I’m feeling a little silly today and I’m not entirely sure why. A good night’s sleep, some weird dreams, and a great cup of coffee. and “Ta Da”, here I am! I’ll start today with some true silliness. As I was surfing around yesterday, I stumbled upon a website called and it had a collection of jokes about “Little Johnny”. I’ve loved those jokes for many years, and I found one on that site that made me laugh out loud. That’s my criteria for determining funny. Here it is . . .

A teacher asks her class, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Little Johnny says “I wanna be a billionaire, going to the most expensive clubs, take the best bitch I can find with me, give her a Ferrari worth over a million bucks, an apartment in Hawaii, a mansion in Paris, a jet to travel through Europe, an Infinite Visa Card and to make love to her three times a day”. The teacher, shocked, and not knowing what to do with the bad behavior of the child, decides not to give importance to what he said and then continues the lesson. “And you, Susie? ” The teacher asks. Susie says “I wanna be Johnny’s bitch.”

Almost everyone loves Rock-and-Roll music except maybe for those Country & Western folks and the Hip-Hop idiots. I was thinking about all of the silly names’ musicians create for their bands to help them standout in the crowd. I’ll list a few oldies but goodies and I’m sure you can think of many more.











You have to admit those rockers had quite the imagination and used the hell out of it. The list of silly band names is never-ending but still fun. Here’s my final thought for today:

Why is a virginity like a balloon?

One prick and its gone!


05-25-2013   2 comments

I was just sitting here today preparing to write a post and became distracted and sidetracked when I began to mentally list a number of things that annoy me. I enjoy "free association" as a means of clearing my head because it’s like wiping my mental blackboard so I can restart with a fresh train of thought.  I recorded that list for some unknown reason and thought I’d share it with you.   It could just as easily be called a list of Things I Hate but I like to save my hatred for people and things that really deserve it.  So this list is officially Things That Annoy Me in no particular order of importance and exactly as I recorded them.

People who constantly talk over me
People who answer a question with a question
Pop-up ads
Taking a dump in a public restroom
People who don’t get sarcasm
Tyra Banks
Fake handicap spot parkers
OBX stickers
Street performers
White people with dreadlocks

There’s the first ten.  I see nothing too startling there and can only assume most of you would agree with me that these things are annoying.  Moving right along.

Chatty Customer Service people who won’t shut up
Authority of any kind
Wannabe gangsta idiots
Finally being in bed and realizing you forgot to turn off the lights
Country music
Toddlers & Tiaras
Game requests on Facebook

Are you still with me?  Have any of these struck a chord with you? I would hate to think that many of these items really don”t bother other people because that would then make me something of an oddball.  Let’s keep going.

Anything Kardashian
People talking while blocking a grocery store aisle
People who don’t thank you after you hold a door for them
People who start panicking by slamming an imaginary brake in you car
People that don’t do their job
Foreign people that make fun of America
When people make a movie out of a book and screw it up
No Wi-Fi
People who correct me

It’s amazing to me just how many things that occur everyday can be so bothersome.  Have we become so numb to this continuous stream of annoyance that we are now desensitized to it?  I sometimes think that’s true.  Here are my final ten.  I stopped after fifty because I was becoming bored with this whole thing.  Maybe I can make your list as “Someone who is boring  and annoying”.”  That would be ironic and yes really annoying, a two-fer.

People who are skinny and on a diet
Wet or gooey door knobs
Slow Internet
People that call Soccer football
People using text abbreviations out loud
Hostesses who ask “Would you like a table?”
Projectile vomiting

This list could go on and on but I think my point’s been made.  Now my mind is clear and I’m ready to face the day refreshed and less aggravated.  I wonder just how long it will take for something new to annoy me so I can start working on my next list of fifty.

03-30-2013   2 comments

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head?  Over the years I’ve listened to hundreds of thousands of songs without any problems whatsoever.  I’ve listened to Jazz, Pop, Hard Rock, and yes even Opera.  I’ve avoided when possible Hip-Hop, Rap, and the old style Country and Western songs because I just don’t care for them.  There are a few exceptions to that list of course but not many.

I live with my better-half who is obsessed with music, singing, dancing, and humming songs almost constantly.  It can be really annoying if you ever crave absolute peace and quiet like I do at times. Every once in a while as I’m listening to music I also find myself unable to disconnect completely.  It’s maddening because I find it interfering with my everyday activities.  I’ve been in conversations with people and as I’m listening to them speak I begin to hum to myself and I can hear the lyrics in my head very clearly.  Then I begin to tap my toe to the music and then suffer from the almost uncontrollable urge to dance.  It takes all of my will power not do anything stupid and embarrass myself.  This has occurred in the past not just in casual conversations but important business conversations as well.

My mother passed away last year and as I was sitting in the church with my sister listening to the priest drone on and on I had the song "What a Man" by Salt and Pepa echoing through my head.  Why? I have no freaking idea but it was actually better than listening to that priest and thinking about my mom’s passing.

On one occasion I was driving to Pittsburgh to visit family which is eleven hours of sheer boredom.  For a large part of the trip through Pennsylvania there is little or no acceptable radio stations to listen to.  Unfortunately I also forgot my IPod and was limited to one CD I found under my seat.  For the rest of that trip and for the  next week the song, "Higher Love" by Steve Winwood drove me freaking crazy.

When I’m cooking I find myself humming and occasionally singing various songs by Luciano Pavarotti in Italian no less.  How weird is that? I love opera but it’s not something I want to hear over and over again.

This problem isn’t limited to good music but also to really bad songs and a few truly annoying television commercial theme songs. The theme songs are the absolute worst.  Lately it’s been that stupid commercial with the Korean version of Richard Simmons singing some stupid song that I don’t even understand while he hops around the screen in a pukey green sport coat with a bunch of pistachios.  I ‘d look up the name of the song for you but what’s the point, I hate that stupid song.

I think the worst part of this problem is that once I capture a song in my head, it’s there forever. I have quite a long list of tunes that show up unannounced at the weirdest times to entertain me. I may be forced to involve myself with some sort of meditation program that will allow me to sit quietly and purge my mind of all this nonsense.  Maybe I’ll become a Buddhist monk where I can spend my time in quiet self-reflection in an attempt to make these evil music demons go away.

As I’ve been writing this I’ve been humming "Three Time a Lady" by Lionel Richey.  Someone please help me!

02-27-2013   2 comments

Have you ever had an identity crisis?  Do you really understand what the term means?  I thought I did but as often happens I really had only a general idea and never looked at the dirty little details.

As  a young child we have an identity but it’s really just a  temporary one until we’ve reached an age where real decisions about our future can be made without the undue influences of family.  My father wanted me to be a jock at first.  He was an outstanding athlete in school and always hoped I could excel as he did.  I didn’t.  I liked playing baseball but for me most of the other sports were a distraction from my real passion for fine art and commercial art.  My first major identity issue occurred when I realized I didn’t want to be what he wanted me to be. I was just a kid who was afraid to speak out so instead I acted out.  It was my way of saying, I don’t want to be a jock, I really don’t like playing football and basketball, I can do it if I want to but I don’t want to.  It took him years to get over my actions but it had to happen eventually as it does with everyone and their parents.

We go through many of these identity issues during and after high school.  Do I want to go to college?  Do I want to be a part of a religious organization? Do I want to be married? What kind of job do I want?  Do I want to have kids? It’s no wonder we have so many issues with family and friends as they try to push us in one direction or another.  The real problem comes after you’ve made these life decisions for yourself and then find out you’ve made a terrible mistake.  To me that’s a real ‘identity crisis’ and the others are just normal growing up things we all must deal with.

I’m writing about this topic in a semi-serious manner and don’t want to get bogged down and depressed by it.  I’ve grown up and survived all of the decisions I’ve made.  Some were good, some not so good, but that’s life in a nut shell. I’ve had my mid-life crisis, been divorced, been happy, been miserable, and survived them all just as you all will.

I  took early retirement a few years ago and now I’m again faced with a new question.  Who am I now?  I sat down to think over a few things and suddenly realized that a person’s name and nicknames help them to find and maintain their  identity.  If Sean Combs can reinvent himself at a whim from P-Diddy to Puff Daddy then why can’t I do the same. 

As always the web has the answers.  I found these two web sites which are really helping me and my better-half to re-identifying ourselves.  Check them out if you want a cool nickname or two.

Here are a few of the selections we  must choose from:




Our Goth Names:  ADARE – DE DEMI

Our Mobster Names:  Lucia – ROCCO


It’s obvious we have some serious decisions to make.  Who do we want to be now?  I’m leaning towards my vampire identity since that seems to be the current trend but my better-half is looking hard at the pop star identity. This could take forever.

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