03-19-2013   2 comments

Well, we’re buried under another foot of snow and I’m beginning to hate it.  Mother Nature’s taking it upon herself to be annoying and there are a few hundred thousand people here in Maine who are no longer amused. Today was spent sitting in the house and looking longingly out the window for one ray of the ever illusive sunshine.  After a few hours of that I was ready to fire up the snowblower and get to work.  After clearing the snow I returned to the house to again sit and look out the window until the snow again piled up.  Today that is my life.

Around 2 pm I retired to the man-cave for a few hours of computer time and some quality time with the cat.  He was no help at all so in frustration I returned to my dry walling project.  I set up an area in the garage and began to cut the drywall panels for the room remodel.  What a mess.  I finished enough panels to do about half of the walls and called it a day when I realized the longer I worked the more mess I was making. Falling back to an always available old saying, "all things in moderation", made it easy for me to clean up the area and walk away.  My better-half, that burley female construction worker (sarcasm), assisted me in carrying the panels up to the second floor which was a real backbreaker for both of us. I felt a little better about returning to my snow watching after having accomplished something today. From weather reports it appears the storm will be lasting  until sometime tomorrow so I’ll be snowblowing well into the night. Oh joy!

Fortunately my Harry Potter-2 X-box game arrived two days ago (thank you Amazon) and I was able to spend an hour or so creeping around Hogwarts castle looking for trouble.  It’s was a great way to clear my head and relax (at least for me) for a little while.

Tomorrow the snow will stop, the roads will be cleared of snow, and I can get back into my spring time mindset.  I can’t let this snow ruin my Spring Fever feelings. 

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  1. I thought your better half was a qualified snow blower operator!

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