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As a very young man working my way through puberty I was confronted with sexual desires which truthfully scared the hell out of me.  I found myself smitten with girls who had blonde hair.  The fact that they also had a French accent was just a plus in my mind and made my fantasy more real.  I told everyone that someday I would marry a blonde French women and move to Paris.  Looking back it makes me smile to think just how naive I really was.

In those days the current ridicule of blondes was just starting primarily because of a few Hollywood actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Mae West. At the time I paid little or no attention to all of the blonde bashing that was slowly developing even after it turned into a national obsession.  It continues today as an easy way to get laughs by comedians and television hosts alike.

My likes and dislikes of women have dramatically changed over the years and my desire for blondes has lessened somewhat.  Was this craziness about blondes being dumb the cause of that change? Maybe. These days anyone can be a blonde at a moments notice and it sometimes seems there aren’t many real blondes left. It now requires us men to find out as soon as possible if  "the curtains really match the rug".  Unfortunately these days many women have opted for a much smaller rug and many times no rug at all.  It’s all very confusing for us former blonde men. That’s right, as a young man I was a natural blonde.

I have to admit many blondes do come across as being a little dense at times and others can use that as a means to disarm the men they deal with.  I now believe that being blonde is just a state of  mind and that any man or women becomes effected by the blonde myth the moment they adopt that as their hair color.  I’ve seen brunettes who’ve gone blonde and immediately seem to get more playful and less threatening.  They become easier to approach, more fun to be with, and at times more sexually inclined.  Hence the famous quote, “blonde’s have more fun”.

So the blonde thing has come full circle from it’s earliest days.  I find it interesting just how often some middle aged women go blonde after experiencing the onset of that famous middle age spread.  My blonde hair eventually turned light brown and I was safe from ridicule.  I didn’t notice any obvious personality change in myself and my life went on as usual.

As a former blonde I feel I have as much right as anyone  to have a little fun with the blonde thing.  I don’t think the blonde issue will ever be explained or understood and that’s fine with me.  Blondes that take offense can just change their hair color and become one of the majority.  I’m still looking for the real blondes who don’t care want people think and are standing proud.

I couldn’t write this posting without adding one of my favorite blonde jokes. I guess I’m just as bad as everyone else and I hope it brings a smile or smirk to your face.

Three women were about to be executed. One was a brunette, one a redhead, and the other a blonde. The guard brought the first woman, the brunette, forward and the executioner asked if she had any last requests. She said no and the executioner shouted: "… Ready … Aim … !! and suddenly the brunette yelled, "EARTHQUAKE!" Everyone was startled and looked around. She escaped.
So they brought in the redhead and asked if she had any last requests. She said no, and the executioner shouted: "… Ready … Aim …!! and suddenly the redhead yelled "TORNADO!" Everyone was startled and looked around. She escaped.
Well, by now, the blonde had it all figured out. They brought her forward and the executioner asked if she had any last requests. She said no and the executioner shouted: "… Ready … Aim … !! and the blonde yelled, "FIRE!"

So lame but still funny.  I hope all of you blondes out there can forgive me, I’m just a weak formerly blonde man.

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