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Today is Ladies Day here at Everyuselessthing.  I know In the past I’ve had a lot of fun with you ladies out there but I’d like to get a little more serious today.  During my normal cruising around the net I discovered that today is what most women would consider a very special day.  I think it’s only fair that the women in this country have more than one day like Mother’s Day to celebrate their femininity.  With that in mind I’m sending out good wishes to all of my female readers and a big HAPPY INTERNATIONAL TIARA DAY.  I’ve included the following blurb I discovered which  explains the origins of this observance and who to blame.  I’m sorry, that must have sounded a little catty and I apologize.

I was surprised a little to discover that’s it’s an "International" observance.  For some reason I thought that this could only be an American thing.  I guess I should have realized that you women folk all would love to have and wear a tiara regardless of what country you live in. As the article explains this observance was created to help every women feel like a princess.  How sweet and somewhat disturbing is that?

So before all of you ladies race off to your local Tiara’s "R" Us, please read along to learn the history of this special, special day, International Tiara Day.

The first International Tiara Day was held on May 24th, 2005 in conjunction with Barbara Bellissimo’s Seasons of Success. In 2009 Lynanne White of American Rose Bridal along with a few of her employees decided everyone should be able to wear a tiara, not just brides. Lynanne researched to see if there was a tiara day. After contacting and receiving permission from Barbara, Lynanne took over International Tiara Day in hopes of helping all women feel like a princess. Lynanne thought May 24th was an appropriate day since it was Queen Victoria’s birthday. We hope to continue this tradition every year. Please help us spread the word.

Now that I’ve properly informed my female readers about this previously unpublicized day it’s back to blog business.  I love listing new followers to this blog along with my special thanks.  Spending time surfing through their blogs is in my opinion time well spent.  They contain a lot of interesting information and diverse writing styles.  Check them out and enjoy them as I do. 

Thanks to: meganlbarr, Glenn Folkes, Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger, sunnysleevez, ArchangelTravels, Cristian Mihai, taylor oceans, Michael Armstrong, Sorina M, Daniel Gonzalez, Ashley, The Overstand Podcast, jamesrevelsthecomposer, immodiumabuser, The CoF, talin401, kirstywirsty, Spy Garden, SipofFashion, and dasitton309.


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