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As you already know I really love passing on my never-ending lists of totally useless crap to my readers.  I hope it helps make all of you  moderately good Trivial Pursuit players as well as the winner of many a bar wager.  I thought I’d take a somewhat different approach this time and make things a bit more interesting.

Usually I just supply the facts for you to enjoy but not today.  I had a few readers give me some grief recently about never having any interesting facts from the music sector.  The following ten questions need answered and it’s up to each of you to provide them. Are you up for the challenge?   Even if you’re a true musical aficionado these music related questions should challenge even you. I’ll supply the answers tomorrow  so let’s see just how good your trivia skills really are.

1.   In 1926, the police raided Mae West Broadway show ‘Sex’ and jailed her on vice charges. What did the wisecracking blonde sexpot claim when she was freed after serving 8 days of her 10 day sentence?

2.   Who was the first person ever awarded a gold record?

3.   What singer named Clara Ann Fowler at birth adopted the name of the milk company that sponsored her first radio show?

4.   What famous entertainer was known as Annie Mae Bullock before she adopted her stage name?

5.   The singing duo of Caesar and Cleo only achieved fame under another name. What was it?

6.   Country music comedienne, Minnie Pearl,  always wore a hat with a price tag on it when she performed. What was the amount written on the price tag?

7.   Who was the only cast member of the hit rock musical ‘Hair’ who refused to shed her clothes in the nude closing number?

8.   What top rock group took it’s name from a song by blues great Muddy Waters?

9.   Under what name did New Wave singer-songwriter Declan McManus gain fame?

10. What famous singer, after receiving an honorary degree from Georgetown University, enrolled as a freshman and earned a BA in Theology?

I told you they weren’t easy.  I’m guessing anyone who scores more than five correct answers really knows their stuff.  Check back tomorrow for the answers.  I think you’ll find them interesting.

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