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Maybe my lucks changing.  After being flattened for almost a full week with some kind of flu I’m almost back to normal (whatever that is).  Someone asked me if I was back to 100% yet and I could only smile.  I stated the obvious that I hadn’t been a 100% since 1996.  It was a vicious little virus that did a real job on everyone who was unlucky enough to catch it.

I started feeling much better and what did I hear next.  Thunderstorm alerts and warnings for our immediate area.  You might think that’s a bad thing but not for me.  I freaking love thunderstorms.  They started just as it was getting dark and they were beautiful.  I wanted to sit  out on the deck for a while but the rain was a little too intense for that.  For almost three hours there was crackling lightning, heavy rains, and a howling wind.  It was fantastic and I enjoyed every second of it.  Unfortunately we get very few of these storms so I have to take the time to enjoy them when we do.

There wasn’t much else for the better-half and I to do but sit quietly, enjoy the storm, and talk about our day.  I love our satellite  TV system but even it can’t stand up to heavy rain like we were getting.  It took hours for the signal to get through the heaviest of the downpours so we could be blessed with the standard list of reruns and crappy TV.

We’ve been buying more movies of late because of all the disappointing TV that just never seems to get any better.  Recently during a weekend of free HBO and SHO I watched one of the recent ridiculous remakes of our beloved fairy tales, Snow White and the Huntsman.  It wasn’t totally awful thanks to Charlize Theron but peppering our childhood tales with massive amounts of violence tends to make me uncomfortable and more than a little concerned for the young kids who are watching them.

As I was out shopping the next day I saw a sale for another insane remake of a fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel.  I took a chance and paid good money for it.  What a mistake.  The entire story was so badly rewritten that I walked away and refused to watch the last twenty minutes.  Badly used profanity by the female lead was laughable.  I understand using appropriately blunt profanity to make a movie feel more authentic but this was just really stupid.  It did seem they were setting it up at the end for a possible sequel but I hope that doesn’t happen.  Two wrongs have never made a right and these two would be no exception.  If you haven’t seen it, don’t waste your time or your money.

I can tell I’m on the mend because the urge to criticize has been growing steadily for the last few hours.  I should be back in fighting form soon with my keyboard in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.  Life will soon be good again.

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