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How good is your memory?  Are you one of those folks who has disciplined themselves to remember only the good things that happen and forget all of the bad? If you are then we’ll probably never be able to communicate with each other in a meaningful way. We just don’t speak the same language. I’m none of those things.  I’m your basic human being who takes great offense to anyone who treats me badly, lies to me, or attempts to mislead me. When it’s our politicians I respond in kind at the ballot box.  That old adage of "turn the other cheek" is just pure and utter nonsense.

If I sound bitter or disgusted that’s because I am.  Wishy-washy people will be the downfall of us all as reflected in the way our current government approaches and deals with problems.  It’s hard to respect anyone who is preyed upon time and time again but remains passive and weak.  That’s something for all of us to remember in the coming months as these problems slowly evolve to the point where they can no longer be ignored.   Remember you read it here first.

Maybe I should just run for public office. I could force myself to become as washy-washy as our current crop of representatives.  Maybe I could fight for the legalization of all drugs and put on a real push to bring back prostitution in a big way.  I’d reintroduce the old trading stamps programs where if you pay for a little recreational sex you get some free dish-ware on you way out the door.  Maybe I could push through with the help of my fellow politicians a law to require a ten percent discount on gas if your a steady participant in any government subsidy program.  How about a free happy meal for any illegal alien who remains in the country but has a job and commits no crimes for more than thirty minutes.

I might think that free diapers, prenatal, and post natal treatments for those unwed mothers we hear so much about should be mandatory.  I don’t want to be unfair so anyone who loses their job and refuses to find another gets free healthcare, government subsides for housing, food, and milk. Oh right, never mind,  I forgot that’s already happening.

This is the land of milk and honey as I’ve heard from thousands of people I’ve interviewed during my career with state government. For all of you young adults who’ve mortgaged your lives with student loans, I hope your prepared to pay the bill for all those less fortunate than yourselves.  When your struggling to educate your own children to the tune of thousands of student loan dollars and those children of these poor, badly treated, illegal immigrants are getting a free ride, say nothing.  Turn the other cheek and watch your hard earned tax money be redistributed to help finance the poor, illegal, and misunderstood leaches on our society.

You’ll just feel so much better about yourself, right?

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  1. I’ve forgotten everything about my ex-wives good and bad! Oh wait a minute there was nothing good to remember as best I can recall.

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