10-31-2013 Butt Lift Complications   2 comments

Now that most of the drama is over concerning my broken leg it’s time to get back to the serious business of blogging.  This country is on the road to Obamacare whether we like it or not.   The country was fed a bill of goods and we  and our children and grandchildren will now pay for that mistake.  There’s nothing all that funny about  it except for this article I found recently.  This is the kind of thing we can look forward to dealing with on a regular basis once Obamacare is in full swing.

* * *

Update on Nancy’s Surgery

Dear Family and Friends,

Most of you know our friend Nancy went in for a Butt Lift surgical procedure using the ObamaCare Medical Plan.

She didn’t have the most pleasant experience and should have just left well enough alone. We wanted to show you the results so you’ll have some idea of  the quality of care you’ll receive from the Affordable Healthcare Act(ObamaCare).

Please . . Whatever you do DO NOT get a Butt Lift through the ObamaCare Medical Plan.  The ObamaCare qualified Doctor who handled Nancy’s surgery was a 3rd year foreign exchange medical student making 12 bucks an hour.


You’ve been warned!

I also found these two limericks which I thought were poignant and conveyed my thoughts perfectly on Obama.  They were obtained from a web site that held an Obama limerick contest.  Thanks to these creative individuals for giving me a chuckle or two.  I hope you enjoy them as well.

Submitted by surfdt
He promised us change and we got it
Though not quite the way that we thought it
To his left he owes debt
To his right, deep regret
And our kids will be broke cause we bought it.

Submitted by Ed Coyne
There once was a man from Nantucket
(Sorry, I’ve just never been good at rhyming)

2 responses to “10-31-2013 Butt Lift Complications

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  1. I think I saw her in our local WallMart!

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