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01-08-2016 Journal–Maine Woodstock 2016!   Leave a comment


‘1969 was an interesting year.’

How to kill an entire Sunday.  Let me tell you how I did it.  Yesterday my better-half was scheduled to work and I was looking forward to a day of peace and quiet and time to work on MY projects. How could I even dare to imagine something like that, I should have known better.

‘Who loves you Janis’

Unfortunately some months ago I made a commitment to her concerning the laptop she’d just purchased.  I promised I’d help her setup the new laptop by transferring all of her photographs from the old to the new. This should teach me a valuable lesson for the future. Never volunteer for something unless you’re absolutely sure you know what your getting into. I thought I knew but apparently I was once again clueless.

‘The spooky Doors.’

I cleared off the kitchen table, fired up both computers, made a pot of coffee, and settled in for what I thought would be an hour or two of work. Oh how stupid I am.  Little did I know just how many photo’s she had scattered throughout that hard drive of her old computer. She had pictures from multiple cameras going back six years. There were videos from both her IPhone and IPad and I kid you not . . . more than ten thousand pictures taken with an assortment of past and present cell phones. She apparently has never discovered the use of the delete button.  It was a trash dump of photo’s placed on that laptop with absolutely no attempt at organization whatsoever.

‘Jumpin Joe Cocker’

As always I fall back to the old adage “When someone gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  I found my own IPod and plugged it in, put on the headset and spent the next seven hours having a 60’s Flashback Sunday.  I started out by listening to the entire three days of Woodstock with the original recordings.  That required me to immediately switch from just coffee to coffee laced with Drambuie.  I then cranked up Joe Cocker, The Band, The Yardbirds, The Hollies, Janis Joplin, The Doors, and even the Greatest Hits of War. 

‘My favorite band, The Band. ‘RIP Levon’

At the end of the day I’d transferred no less than twenty-five thousand pictures to the new laptop and was suffering from a serious coffee buzz overlapped with a Drambuie buzz.  There’s nothing better than Drambuie so after I finished transferring all the files I stopped drinking the coffee. From that point on it was Drambuie, Amy Winehouse  and me.  What a great way to spend the day and complete a tiresome project.


‘Sweet Amy’


‘Even sweeter . . . Drambuie on the lips.’

Today I’m back to what I’d call normal but still showing signs of a rather interesting hangover. For some reason my first cup of coffee this morning tasted strangely like Drambuie. How odd! I guess that’s one of the effects of time travel back to the sixties. Along with rocking out, a sore throat from all of the singing along, and being able to return home with no arrests or STD’s to show for it.

That’s what I’d call a good day in any decade.

06-03-2014 Journal Entry–Small Projects!   Leave a comment

We’re having a rainy, gray, and gloomy day today with little or no chance of sunshine.  It’s an inside day where I can catch up on a myriad of small tasks that I tend to ignore so I can go out and enjoy the nice weather.   Honestly it doesn’t take much for me to blow off these tasks but unfortunately the list keeps getting longer and longer until I’m forced to do something.


I’ve been in the process of redesigning my  man-cave which requires a few large tasks and many smaller ones.  Sometime ago I ordered two wooden wine boxes. They arrived two weeks ago and were immediately stored away and pretty much forgotten.  Today is their day.


Yesterday I made a short trip to one of my favorite retailers, Michael’s.  My aim is to line both boxes with felt and to create brackets to hold many of my glass wine making tools.  They include a small collection of hydrometers, a large thermometer, vinometer, and a wine thief.  The hydrometer is used for measuring the sugar content of the wine during fermentation.  The thermometer is a long one that is used to measure temperatures of the "must" in the earliest stages of fermentation. The vinometer is a small glass device that uses small samples of wine to determine alcohol content and proof. Lastly the wine thief is just a glass tube used to extract samples of wine in the final stages of fermentation to test the flavor and finish. I added a spray adhesive to my purchases along with four sheets of royal blue felt and two pieces of balsa wood.  I was ready to get to work.


“The Finished Product”

In years past I’d been forced to replace these delicate devices due primarily to my clumsiness during moving from place to place or during general use. Hopefully this small project will keep future damages and costs to a minimum.  I returned home and began pulling out old file folders from my archives looking for a collection of old and unique wine labels I’d collected many years ago.  A perfect decorative addition to these  boxes.


A few hours later I had one box completed to my satisfaction and the second coming along nicely.  I should have the second one completed tomorrow and then I can move on to the next task on my list.  The bigger tasks of building a new siphoning table and shelving units can wait until the better-half has vacated the premises and is on her way to the left coast.

01-28-2014. Journal Entry – Cemetery Visits   2 comments

I thought today I’d show you a few photographs I took during my travels yesterday. Even though it’s winter and freezing cold with snow piled just about everywhere, I needed to get away from the house for a few hours. I reverted to my old habits, took my camera, and began my search for some old cemeteries.


“A cold and wintery resting place.”

One of the things I like best about living in New England is the number of ancient cemeteries that are scattered throughout almost every community. It seems that every large family back in the 1600’s that owned property maintained a private cemetery for their family members. Almost all of them have survived but most are difficult to visit since they’re away from public roads and on private property.


“This shows how old the cemetery really  is. These folks were buried here before those trees existed.”

I became quite the cemetery visitor when I lived in southern Massachusetts back in the 1980s. My ex-wife and I owned a small gift shop and as part of that business I painted landscapes of local cemeteries and sold them in the shop. For a time I could be found creeping around the older of the cemeteries with a supply of T-shirts to stretch over tombstones to do gravestone rubbings.  A great many people thought the idea of owning a T-shirt with their family name on it was edgy and cool.  They sold like hot cakes.  On one occasion I was visited by the local police in a cemetery where they questioned me as to my activities.  Fortunately I was able to explain things to them and avoided arrest. Within a week I had supplied one of those officers with his own personalized shirt and was never bothered again.


“The day was too bright and made the names difficult to capture.”

I just love cemeteries, the older the better.  It’s a quiet and serene place to spend a hour relaxing and reading old epithets.  Yesterday I found a few within a short drive from my home that were accessible and not covered in snow. 


“I tweaked this photo with software but still couldn’t get the names readable.”

I can’t wait for the return of Spring and Summer weather so I can search out a few more of the isolated graveyards and add their photo’s to my collection.

01-02-2013 Journal Entry–2013, A Look Back   2 comments

Well, the New Year is upon us and all the partying is hopefully over.  I wish I had a dollar for every celebrator who made the infamous Walk of Shame is the last two  days.  I’d be stinking rich I think. 

I’m told that now is the time for reflection on the past year both good and bad.  It’s supposed to give us a better perspective on things and to help us improve in 2014.  I honestly think that’s nonsense but for laughs I continue to go along.

Here’s a quick recap of my last three months.  Please don’t get overly excited you might just hurt yourself.  As we get into the December remembrances I’ve added a few photo’s to help you understand.


Grandson’s Birthday Party

One Year Blog Anniversary

A Broken Leg


Way Too many Doctor’s Visits


Sister’s Birthday

God Daughter’s Birthday


Better-Half’s Mother’s Birthday





More Doctors Appointments



More ICE

Christmas Eve Dinner

Much More SNOW


ICE Storm



Much Much More Effing SNOW


Effing Black ICE

New Years Eve



New Years Day



What have I learned from all of this?  One thing immediately comes to mind . . . SPEND THE FREAKING WINTER IN FLORIDA ! ! ! 

One last photograph for your enjoyment.  I took this from my car so it’s not as sharp as I’d like but this guy was hauling ass at the time.  One of the last few remaining survivors from the Great Thanksgiving Day Turkey Massacre of 2013.  Now you know why he’s running so fast.


I’m pretty sure he doesn’t like all the damn snow either.

04-25-2013   Leave a comment

Just as a common courtesy I thought I’d let everyone know that as I ended yesterday’s posting I was hoping and praying for a really sexy massage but a little worried about a threatened enema.  I received neither and on one hand I’m happy and the other hand not so much.  It was an all or nothing deal and I had to turn it down because I’m chicken.

It’s always been that way for me.  it’s never someone just offering me a nice kiss on the cheek but someone promising that kiss then kicking me in the balls as well.  Carrot and stick all at the same time.  If you can avoid that situation I would highly recommend it.

Since I’m still under the weather I’ll spend my day today on the computer continuing the sorting and cataloging of my photographs.  I’ve almost completed the job which has taken just about forever but ever time I return home with my camera I have another hundred or so photo’s to review and sort. And no I don’t keep everything.  If I take a hundred photos from my camera I may keep twenty-five.  A quick skim through them usually reveals very quickly which ones just suck and have no real value.

My standard routine is to take at least four shots of every photograph.  It still amazes me how much difference takes place in just a second or two from the last one.  As a general rule the very first snap usually is the keeper.  Not always but more often than not.  It just goes to show that my first thoughts and actions  in that specific moment were correct, most of the time.

I may spend a little time today playing with my Photoshop program.  I normally don’t edit my photographs because I want them exactly as they were when taken.  I’ll on occasion edit a few as a novelty and print them up for friends and family but in my opinion untouched photo’s are always the way to go. I’m still something of a novice with Photoshop but it’s fun to play around with which can only increase my proficiency.

I’m hoping by tomorrow I’ll be permitted  to leave the house.  Just between you and me, regardless of the warden’s wishes, I’ll be getting out of here for a few hours.  A little fresh air can only help and even if it doesn’t, so what. I have to admit that I’m a terrible patient and even though my better-half is trying to help I still can occasionally be a  pain in the ass.  Hard to believe I know.

Well, tomorrow is another day with the promise of sunny weather, a quick and undetected escape from this house, and freedom, freedom, freedom.

01-01-2013   4 comments

Happy New Year everyone.  My best laid plans for our New Years celebration was only semi-successful.  We had a few friends over early in the evening for drinks and few yucks.  They had children at home looking to celebrate the New Year and needed to be there to supervise, so they left a little early. It was nice for a couple of hours to kick back and relax with some friendly faces.  The get-together broke up early and my better-half immediately reheated the Chinese food she’d obtained earlier in the day and as always it was yummy and really filling.

I never planned on staying awake for the standard TV celebrations but my better-half insisted she was going to bring the New Year in properly by watching the ball drop with her favorite male fantasy figure, Ryan Seacrest.  I retired to the bedroom to continue my readings on Harry Potter.  I just finished book #6 and I was really getting excited about finishing the final volume over the next week or so.  The story has slowly evolved from a kid’s story into a rather interesting novel.  I’m glad I decided to hang in there and read them all.

It was 10:00 pm and I was really getting into the book when my half asleep better-half stumbled into the room, jumped into bed, and mumbled something about waking up just before midnight.  I knew she was just kidding herself but I played along.  It was lights out at 10:30 and no one woke up for the ball drop (sorry Ryan).  We both slept straight through the night and wished each other a happy New Year around eight the next morning.  I don’t care what anyone says, it was an excellent way to celebrate the end of 2012.

After a nice breakfast of twice reheated Chinese food with an egg on top we grabbed our cameras and hit the road.  We had quite a lot of snow on the roads but we decided to explore some of the more rural areas looking for those elusive Kodak moments.  It was cold and crisp and some of the snow scenes we shot were spectacular.  Horse farms with horses in the snow, giant pine trees nearly bent over with the snow on their branches.  This was the perfect way to spend a New Years Day.

After fifty or sixty miles and over a hundred photos later we returned home to get warm and to prepare a luscious pork roast dinner with sides of sauerkraut and mashed potatoes.  We ended the day snuggled up on the couch watching a movie and looking at the days photo’s.  Pretty damn nice if I do say so myself. 

I can only hope that all of you enjoyed your day half as much as we enjoyed ours.  Bring on 2013.

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