06-05-2014 Journal Entry–Mexican Food!   Leave a comment

I’ve been a lover of good Mexican food for years and after meeting my better-half (a good old down home Texas girl) and traveling to Texas on a number of occasions I was hooked.  During my recent trip to Dallas I was taken to this Mexican restaurant by my nephew who assured me I would be getting authentic Mexican fish tacos.  I was excited for the meal and as we arrived I could hardly wait.

True to his word the fish taco’s were to die for.  We ate two huge plates of tacos, chili beans, and rice.  They drizzled an outrageous jalapeño cream sauce over the tacos that was so damn good it makes me hungry just thinking about it.  Four gigantic peach margaritas later and we were destroyed.  We slowly and safely made our way home and sat for hours because we just couldn’t move. 



They also supplied us with chips and salsa which was good but the Verde sauce was the best.  It was not quite a salsa and not quite a sauce.  It also wasn’t quite hot enough for me so I decided upon my return to Maine to create a version of my own.

My better-half and I made a visit to a local South of the Border restaurant after my return to fulfill my ongoing taco obsession.  It only made me want to create that Verde sauce even more. I thought about it on the way home that night and the next morning I was off to do some early food shopping.

I found the tomatillos, jalapeños, and pickled green chilies to which I added a few spices, some onions, a little jalapeno vinegar and cooked it all until soft.  I threw it into a blender and liquefied it for five minutes and OMG.  My eyes began watering as soon as I took the lid off of the blender.




Later that day the better-half made a pan of enchiladas over which I sprinkled a cautious amount of the hottest thing I’ve ever created.  It was mean, nasty, smoking hot, and freaking delicious.


I was able to can almost a dozen jars of this sauce and it will definitely be used sparingly and as often as possible. I’m already planning the next batch so I can turn down the heat a little to make it palatable for all those so-called lovers of hot food who I’m pretty sure wouldn’t be able to handle this sauce.


“The Finished Product”

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