07-01-2014 Journal Entry – Vacation Week & Weirdo’s!   2 comments

If I sound a little happy today there’s a good reason.  I just dropped my better-half at the Portland Jetport (that’s Maine’s way of saying airport) and she’s winging her way to the left coast for a week of fun and frolic with her son. They have quite the trip planned that includes a drive to Las Vegas to see a few shows and lose a few dollars.  As I ‘m writing this she should just be landing at O’Hare in Chicago.  Then she’s off to LA LA land to enjoy the sunny weather, the warm ocean, and a host of diverse weirdo’s.  She should be able to teach them a thing or two about what weirdness is really all about because she’s a pro.

“Remember honey, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

It’s a vacation for her but it’s also one for yours truly.  A total week of no C&W music blaring throughout the house and no one constantly looking over my shoulder.  Besides,  just mentioning that little tidbit is sure to get a rise out of her. Just to make sure she doesn’t get too upset with my sarcasm I thought I should roam the Internet to collect a few expert opinions and quotations on vacationing separately.

  • Taking time alone is a positive sign that the spouses are acknowledging and honoring each other’s careers and likes.
  • Taking separate vacations enables a person to understand that spending too much time together may hurt any relationship. “A couple needs time apart as much as time together.”
  • “What makes a relationship juicy and exciting are the different perspectives and experiences we bring to it. You need the separateness to appreciate the togetherness.”

In my humble opinion these quotations are almost word for word what I was thinking all along.  I’m glad I found an expert or two who were able to word it just the way I was thinking it (sarcasm off).

I see a week of total relaxation.  Also, this week will be clothing-optional around the house because I’m in total agreement with good old Benjamin Franklin who was an advocate of what he called "air baths".  Amen to that Ben!

I plan on hitting the beach here in Maine  a few times and should have quite the collection of photo’s to show for it. 


“Remember honey, what happens in Maine also stays in Maine.” LOL

For now the cat and I will spend a great deal of time relaxing on the deck. I’ll be reading a book or two and he’ll be chasing the occasional bird or squirrel. He’s pretty lazy and will probably just end up napping the entire week away in any one of his  numerous sleeping spots.

I may break out the margaritas one night and make some smoking hot tacos with a side of salsa or maybe even some kimchee.  Eat and drink until I drop then climb into a hot bath with a glass of really good brandy. Now that’s what I call a vacation.

I’d like to keep writing but it’s the first night of my vacation and I want to relax and enjoy it. I may even dig into my bag of fireworks and wake up the damn neighbors in the wee hours of the morning. After all it’s Fourth of July week and I intend to celebrate that birthday all week.




2 responses to “07-01-2014 Journal Entry – Vacation Week & Weirdo’s!

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  1. Nice…enjoy!

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