01-18-2015 Journal – Bathroom Destruction!   Leave a comment

Now that the holidays are behind us and I’ve had two weeks to catch my breath, it’s time to get back to work.  My biggest goal for this winter was to repair and remodel our upstairs bathroom.  It’s been unused for almost two years due to a major leak either inside the walls or under the floor.

Job 1 is to demolish whatever it takes to find that damn leak.  My first step was to remove the old shower unit that had been an eyesore at best.  Three days ago me and my trusty sledge hammer began the process of removing that unit.  Everything I’ve tried to do in this house for the last six years has been a struggle.  The house is almost twenty-five years old and it shows.  The rooms aren’t square and the people who built it should have been arrested immediately after first kicking their ass. The wiring is still a problem even after the entire place was rewired just three years ago. Unfortunately there are still certain areas and other issues that are just waiting to be discovered.

This photo was taken yesterday after I spent three days removing that damn shower and the wall behind it.  The entire unit not only was screwed tightly to the walls but the installer used what looked to be approximately ten tubes of construction adhesive to glue it in place as well. There was no way to just remove the unit without removing the walls too. More unwanted work to be sure.


Once that was accomplished I began my investigation into the leak. I was forced to remove a large section of the floor and after following the water stains it told me the leak was water flowing on the surface of the floor and not beneath it.  There were no water marks within the walls above floor level which told me the leak wasn’t in the plumbing inside the wall.  As best I can determine is that the leak was caused by a faulty drain connection in the old shower unit. 

Over the next day or so I’ll do a thorough cleanup of the bathroom to allow me to double check my findings one last time. I can then begin the process of putting in the new shower, toilet, sink, and floor.  Then add some beaded wainscoting, a fresh paint job, and new lighting fixtures and BAM. Job completed sometime in May . . . . .  I hope.

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