02-15-2015 Journal – Snow, Birds, & Shoveling!   Leave a comment

I have a huge smile on my face today for the first time in a long while.  I’m celebrating the big OOPS from the weather forecasters.  All I’ve been hearing for the last week is OMG prepare for the blizzard of the century.  The warnings began with stock up on food, water, gasoline, and possibly condoms.  Then they said, the snow is going to be so deep you may not be able to leave the house at all, it’s the storm of the millennium, the blizzard of all blizzards, wind chills of twenty below zero!  God help us all!  It was all just so much BS.

I went to bed last night expecting to wake up to 24 plus inches of fresh snow, drifts seven feet high, and winds over fifty mph.  NOT, NOT, AND NOT.  I went out early to clear the driveway and measured just 4-5 inches of new snow and the wind speed was moderate.  So many businesses and agencies who listen and swear by these weather people had cancelled their activities as reflected on every TV channel in the area last night.

I returned to the house and made myself a great breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast and coffee. I looked out the window and it still wasn’t snowing.  I returned to my chore of clearing more snow from the deck so I could reach the bird feeders.  The birds have been clamoring  for days for seed and suet refills and I was beginning to feel just a little guilty. 

It took about twenty minutes to complete and all the while the birds were circling me and the feeders and waiting for me to get he hell out of the way. These woodpeckers are especially aggressive and are constantly fighting with the blue jays for ownership of the feeders. On top of that they barely tolerate me being in the area. Damn birds.


For two days I’ve been clearing tons of snow and ice from my deck.  It wraps around the second floor of the house and is a joy in warm weather.  However in the winter it’s a real bitch.  I’ve found out this year  just how well built it really is and how much weight it can hold.

I think I’ll retire to the living room soon and get reacquainted with my X-Box. I need an hour or two of head clearing mayhem before the better-half gets home from work and rewrites my honey-do list.

Thanks to all of you weather people out there for your miscalculations and incorrect forecasts.  Keep up the good work.

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